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Pixel 6 Unable to Recieve SMS & MMS Messages

Device: Pixel 6 (Unlocked)

SIM Type: eSIM (this issue occurs with Physical SIM cards as well)


I had the unlocked variant of the Google Pixel 6 for roughly 9 months and have had nothing but issues. Every couple of weeks I run into the same frustrating issue over and over.

Issue: device is unable to recieve SMS and MMS messages. Device is still able to recieve RCS. Sending messages works without issue on SMS, RCS, and MMS

Steps attempted to resolve issue:

  • Restart device
  • Ensure message apps (Google Messages & Verizon Message Plus) are up to date
  • Ensure OS is up to date
  • Clear app data of Messages & Verizon Message Plus
  • Boot device into safe mode
  • Reset Wi-Fi, mobile, & Bluetooth
  • Verify device is provisioned as CDMA-less
  • Erase eSIM and reissue

The only way I've found to get my phone to start recieving SMS/MMS messages again is to switch between SIM types (i.e. eSIM to physical SIM or vise versa). However, this is only a temporary fix as the issue consistently pops back up in 1-3 weeks. 



  • Device stops recieving SMS/MMS messages
  • After troubleshooting with customer service the SIM Type is swapped (i.e. eSIM to Physical) as a last ditch effort
  • Device begins working again 
  • After 1-3 weeks device stops recieving SMS/MMS messages

Things I've noticed seem to trigger this issue:

  • Nothing
  • Changing any SIM or service setting either on the device itself (i.e. enabling SIM lock) or on Verizon's website will often result in the issue occuring within 24 hours
  • Adding another carrier's eSIM


  • Having exhausted every troubleshooting technique I can perform on my side, I suspect that this is likely issue with Verizon's backend configuration or provisioning configuration for the Unlocked variant of the Pixel 6. 


Side Note: During my previous conversation with support they decided to escalate my case. However, whichever technician was assigned decided to attempt to TEXT ME to ask me if my service was working instead of calling me. Then, after not receiving a response closed the ticket (side not Verizon, if someone is having issue recieving text messages DON'T TRY TO REACH OUT TO THEM VIA TEXT WHEN RESPONDING TO TICKETS, especially when the customer explicitly opted for email notifications for updates on that ticket).

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Re: Pixel 6 Unable to Recieve SMS & MMS Messages
Customer Support

Thank you for going into so much detail in your description, BrendanLynch. From what you have described, there is a good chance that this issue is being caused by the provisioning on your line. In just a moment, you should receive a Private Note from us. Please reply there, so we can start looking further into this issue with you.