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Problems with Pixel XL Order

Ordered on 12/19 at the store, one Pixel XL Black and one Silver both 128GB. As the young lady finished the order she said "hum?" "You will need to call customer service because it looks like the black one did not go through." I NEEDED TO CALL??!!!! I thought. I am here for you to help me not for me to check if you did your job otherwise I could of ordered it myself!!! Needless to say I was not happy with the situation.

I did not see the Back Pixel order on my account the next day so I chatted with an agent and was told that both phones are showing and are processing. NOT!!! Over the next 4 weeks I notice the silver Pixel XL order disappeared from my account.,,,,but chatting with 3 more customer service agents online, everyone reassuring me that they see both phone orders and everything is fine........ I knew I should be able to see my orders so I called. Digging deeper this agent realized there may be some problem by how the order was showing on his end, which was not normal.. He noticed the ship date was the year of 1858. I was on the phone with him for quite some time and he really tried to help me but in the end suggested I go back to the store.

I went right to the manager, who remembered us from mid December. I told him I never received any conformation email of the order in December. He checked my account and told me the silver Pixel was still active and should be shipped late February. The original date was first part of January ......and the black one, yes, I was there too but showed it was canceled on the day that I ordered it 4 weeks prior. ….and like most orders will now be shipped on 3/10 now. One month and 4 agents later not one of them could see that it was no activity on the black Pixel order.

I will periodically go to the brick and mortar to check the status with the manager. To make things more frustration we ordered the Pixels within the 14 day return policy in exchange for phones we didn’t care for. We are able to use them until the Pixels come in but were told to be careful with them in the mean time or it can get difficult when to exchange for the Pixels. A lot can happen in 3.5 months so we still better get our full refund.

We could leave Verizon like many have due to bad customer service, but in the end the carriers are all the same. We had left another carried because of another frustrating situation years ago……take it upon yourself to check the status of your order or situation and don’t believe what you are told if you feel something is wrong.

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Re: Problems with Pixel XL Order

Dang. Sorry for the typos !