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new sim card

Long story short- I got my SIM card *stuck* in a new phone.  I went in and purchased a replacement SIM so I could still use my old phone in the meantime...

My question is- does the new SIM deactivate the old one?  That is, before I get rid of the phone with the SIM card stuck in it, do I need to worry about someone actually managing to get it out and somehow being able to use it...?  Is there anything I need to do or is the old SIM automatically 'cancelled'..?

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Re: new sim card
Super User
Super User

The old SIM card should have been deactivated when you activated the new SIM card.


You should inform the purchaser of the phone the SIM card is stuck though. They might have wanted to use the phone. 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: new sim card
Customer Support

m-boz, getting your SIM card stuck in your phone is never fun and we'll be glad to clear up the details. As long as your phone is fully activated with your new SIM card, this deactivates the old SIM card active on your line. Once your phone is active with a new SIM card, you can simply throw the other one way. 


The only recommendation is that you remove the old SIM card if possible before you sell the phone or stop by a corporate store location if you need help removing the SIM card. A stuck SIM card will pose a problem for the person wanting to use the phone, so it needs to be removed prior to selling it. Does this help answer your questions?