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Add N Band Router
Enthusiast - Level 1

I am trying to add my N Band rout;er to the FiOS network in my home but the Verizon router won't let it obtain Internet access. It shows on the network but can not break through. Any suggestions?

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Re: Add N Band Router
Master - Level 2

Please explain how you connected the devices together?  Which port goes to what device?


Re: Add N Band Router
Enthusiast - Level 3

Disconnect the N-ROUTER from the verizon at home network.

Connect a compter/laptop to the router using an ethernet cable.

Setup computer for auto DHCP settings

Check network connection settings for the DEFAULT ROUTE. typically or or

Using a web browser... login to the router using the IP address above

ENABLE the router to act as an ACCESS POINT.

Assign a static ip address to the router not being used by the VERIZON router.

Set-up wireless security mode and password. OPTIONAL

Assign a SSID... broadcast on/off OPTIONAL

Disconnect from computer/laptop.

Plug the N ROUTER back into the VERIZON at home network using the LAN port NOT the WAN port.

You should be able to access the N-ROUTER using the newly assigned static IP address either wired or wireless.

Good luck.

Re: Add N Band Router
Enthusiast - Level 1

Thank you for this. Would like to be clear. You're adding an N-band Router to a residential LAN, which has the Verizon-issued Router as the WAN connection?  So there will be both devices on the system, running parallel Wi-Fi networks within the home?

Re: Add N Band Router

Guys I don't think the verizon (Actiontek brand) modem/router units will allow you to connect another router to it. In order to connect the new N router to the modem/router (non-verizon Actiontek unit) you need to (piggyback / bridge) the 2 routers. Actiontek modem/routers don't allow this from what I read on the Actiontek web site FAQ.

I just tried connecting a Netgear router WNDR3400 with no luck so far. My {word filter avoidance} verizon wirerless router keeps dropping it's speed but I have good signal strength. I have no problems if I'm hard wired.

Good luck on setting up your router scooterc.

Re: Add N Band Router
Master - Level 2

Right now I currently bridge a linksys 802.11G router into my actiontec router successfully.  I have a connection from Port 1 on the Linksys router into port 1 on the linksys.  I disabled DHCP on the linksys and gave the linksys a LAN address of I disabled Wireless on the Actiontec.

All works well here.

Re: Add N Band Router
Enthusiast - Level 2

I've added a Netgear N600 / WNDR3400 to my Actiontec as described here:

DSL Repprts FAQ

Where I've turned off the Actiontec wireless & have the Netgear taking care of the wireless clients. 

The Netgear is connected via a LAN Port to one of the Actiontecs LAN ports. The WAN port on the Netgear is not used.

Actiontec DHCP is redifined as starting at up to

The Netgear LAN is defined at with subnet , and will provide the n type wireless.

DHCP  is disabled in  the Netgear, and all IP assignments will be handled via the Actiontec. 

Important to  follow the FAQ  precisely. Especially where it tells you to move cabling & reboot your pc.

As a result I have  dual band  2.5Mhz & 5 Mhz wireless networks, both type 802.1n