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Any chance re-opening the Beta program for 1.9

As a recent convert to fios (8 months now) I have been extremely happy (thrilled to say the least) with your offerings in particular the incredible PQ and Speed of the FIOS service.  Having been a longtime DTV/Comcast subscriber, I honestly would have to give FIOS the thumbs up for a stellar product line. 

The only issue(s) I have is the MRDVR service and capability to add external storage.  In this regard (especially for a family with 2 DVR's and 4 additional HD boxes) the move to FIOS has been tough to swallow.  Not being able to schedule shows from anymore, extend a program and god forbid run out of room on the two DVR's hits hard.  I know fios management is busy fighting fires from recent strike challenges but why not consider a sign-up list for folks in all VHO's to enroll in the 1.9 program(deployment) with understanding that it is a BETA program still and support would be limited.  I think there are enough talented fios users spread across the net to provide ample support for anyone in the BETA program.  I say WIN WIN for all involved and it continues to show FIOS customers that Verizon is indeed and plans to stay on the cutting edge.

Would love to get some feedback and or thoughts from FIOS leadership on the opportunity area..

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Re: Any chance re-opening the Beta program for 1.9

I would love to be involved in beta testing of firmware/hardware updates.  

Re: Any chance re-opening the Beta program for 1.9

The beta is clearly done for 1.9.  They effectively are halfway through the rollout (in terms of DAC).

So the best we can hope for is to allow some of us and those of us in different areas, in on future Beta's.  e.g. 1.9.1.