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Can't connect via ethernet cable to Fios on my iMac

Well, went from cable because I was only getting an upload and download speed of 19 Mbps and was promised close to 50/50 if I went to Fios.  Decided to go for it and installation took a full day.

During set up we found I could only connect my iMac 27" Silver desktop via Airport or wireless.  For some reason even though my preferences on the mac was showing that I was connected both wireless and ethernet, if I select the ethernet option it doesn't work at all.  Bad part is that wireless connection is about the same I was getting on cable or 19-20 Mbps up and down.

The service tech came out and told me he wasn't a mac guy, but plugged his PC laptop into the router and he was getting 49 mbps.  I have a PC also on my network and it is working fine and much faster then the mac.

I have spent many hours trying to understand why I am having this issue. Tech guys told me he isn't a Mac guy and it has to be a Mac problem not a router or Fios problem. This is always the excuse when companies have no clue what to do.

So now that Verizon is on strike I can't get any support at all. I have a 30 day guarantee and may want to cancel and uninstall Fios and go back to cable where the tech support is excellent and the only issue I had was the internet speed.

There is no reason to have Fios if I am getting less service for the same money. Frankly, I have taken videos showing how slow it is.  On many sites or times of the day, it won't connect to a URL at all and it will begin, then hang up and I have to keep trying to reload the url until I can get it to go.  This is totally unacceptable and frustrating.

Does anyone have any real answers to this problem? I see others on a Mac also have this same problem. Some blame the router, others blame the settings...I am lost and use my computer for business and need reliable service.

I can't even get anyone on the phone at Verizon to either extend the 30 day guarantee until we resolve this problem or cancel the service and reinstall cable.

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Re: Can't connect via ethernet cable to Fios on my iMac
Super User
Super User

The Mac should be plug and play with the Ethernet connection, and you shouldn't need to  play with anything at all. Does the ActionTec's Ethernet lights indicate a link when you connect your Mac to the router? Does the Mac's NIC (if it has lights on it) indicate a connection? Does the Mac indicate that it has a valid IP address while it is connected to the router using only Ethernet? What version of OS X are you running?

Re: Can't connect via ethernet cable to Fios on my iMac

I am having the same issue. 

Imac 27 - 10.6.8

CAT5E cable

Router lights indicate a link (green) when ethernet connected

Network settings Using DHCP does not show an IP Address

Subnet Mask: blank

Routher: Blank

DNS Server: blank

Any ideas?

Re: Can't connect via ethernet cable to Fios on my iMac

same issue here. I thought id just disable  airport and plug in the ethernet cable and it would work. not so.

was saying the cable is unplugged. which its not.

Re: Can't connect via ethernet cable to Fios on my iMac

now its working. I plugged the cable in first... then turned off airport wireless. seems to work fine now. weird. lol

I'm using mac osx 10.6.8. try plugging the cable in first and waiting a few minutes before turning airport off. that is what I did and its working now