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Cannot read new on-screen text
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My 84 year old mother with poor eyesight cannot read the on-screen text since the upgrade was pushed out. She views either a 55 inch HD TV in her living room from a lounge chair or a 20 inch SD TV from her bed in her bedroom. It is not feasible to move the chair or bed closer to the TV. It is not easy for her to get up and stand close to the TV every time she needs to go through the menu to watch a DVR recording. Even standing right in front of the TV, it is almost impossible to read the white text on the light blue background (due to the poor contrast). She had no problem reading the white text on a black background before the upgrade.

I experimented with the FiOS settings for SD vs HD and 480 vs 1080 but nothing helps.

I noticed that the closed captions settings allows you to change the font text color and font background color. FiOS should provide those options for the on-screen text too.

I would have expected that there would be mass outrage and complaints about the new poor contrast of on screen text due to the light blue background but the posted complaints appear to be few. I suspect it is because the customers who are the most impacted by this terrible change are not able to post complaints about it (because they are older people who are not computer literate or their eyesight issues make working with computers difficult).

I encourage everybody who wants the text background changed to black or an option added to give a choice of a black background to keep posting complaints (whether it impacts you personally or if you are sympathetic to those with eyesight disabilities). Please keep in mind, that even though your eyesight is good today, as you get older, it is likely your eyesight will also start to fail and you will appreciate easy to read text.

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Re: Cannot read new on-screen text

We agree, we are in much younger generation, and Verizon Fios Tv viewing Options are just far too limited and not up to par in this area!