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Creating Conditional Routines / If, Then

Is it possible to create conditional routines? For example, if it is after 6pm (dark outside), then, turn on livingroom light when the front door sensor is triggered.

This is only one example. Really what I'm hoping is that an "advanced" mode will be coming to do some more sophisticated configuration of the system. 

Also, is it possible to have a single "mode" to control many individual controls. For example, a "vacation" mode that would drop heating to 60 degrees, turn on lights at a specified time, and set camera to motion detect. 

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Re: Creating Conditional Routines / If, Then

It sounds like you want to create modes for different devices. For example, at 8:00am you create a mode to Run On Schedule and turn on lights. At 2:00, you create a mode for Run on Schedule to turn on the AC during the summer. At 11:00pm, you create a mode to Run On Schedule to turn off the lights that you turned on at 8:00am.

One mode can control numerous devices except for cameras. Currently, I believe only 1 camera for mode.

YOu can name your mode anything you want to. It is suggested you name is something friendly that you know what the mode is doing. All modes can be edited within a certain scope. If you want to keep the Run On Schedule then you can edit that mode. But if you want to change an Run On Schedule to Run On Demand, then delete the mode and create a new mode.

When all else is troubling, delete the mode and start over.



Re: Creating Conditional Routines / If, Then
Enthusiast - Level 3

I too would like more flexibility with Modes.  For example you can not use date and time scheduling for a trigger event.  For example I want a door alert to set off motion detection on a camera but only on Saturdays during a certain time window.  I don't want the alert to go off every time I go in and out through the door.  Trigger modes can not currently be set on a schedule.  I know you can set a Mode to be executed off the remote but I don't want to have to remember to turn the mode on and off.  I want it scheduled.  I'm sure there are many other examples out there.

Re: Creating Conditional Routines / If, Then
Enthusiast - Level 2

I just installed an outdoor camera.  I want to trigger a light if motion is detected.  When I set up the trigger it would be nice if I can set the light to go off after a preset time (e.g. 10 minutes) or not go on at all if it is day time...