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Feedback: New Blue IMG
Enthusiast - Level 1

While I will admit that -- overall -- I am happy with the new media guide... especially the new features like History which shows when (and why) something was deleted from my DVR, and a host of other improvements, there are a couple issues I've noticed that I thought I'd raise on this board to ensure they're addressed:

1. Non-Adjustable Font Size

I run an HD DVR on a standard def TV (no money to upgrade... yet). While the display on my set is about as good as you can get on a standard def TV, and my eyesight is still 20/15, the on-screen fonts are just too small for even me to see easily. Customer support admitted there doesn't seem to be a way to adjust the fonts. This would be useful, and indeed would be a required thing for anyone with vision less than 20/20 (which is a lot of people).

2. Remote Playback Instability

When playing-back a show from the HD Home Media DVR from another room, I notice that the skip and review functions (as well as fast forward / fast rewind) can cause playback to stop for no apparent reason. When this happens, I'm thrown-back to live TV and must restart the program from the beginning -- regardless of where I was in the program.

3. Loss of Audio During Remote Playback

When playing-back a show from the HD Home Media DVR from another room, I notice on some progams the audio portion of the playback will cut-out. To resolve the issue, I must stop and restart playback to restore audio functionality.

To attempt resolution of items #2 and #3, I powered-off all my STBs including the DVR, power-cycled the router, then powered the DVR back on, followed by the STBs. Hopefully this will fix those 2 issues, but we will see.

I don't see any kind of fix for the font problem, however.



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Re: Feedback: New Blue IMG
Contributor - Level 1

1 - You have an HD STB on a SD TV.  Try changing the graphics mode from HD to SD; that will make the font size the same as it was in 1.8. (Menu - Settings - Video Settings - Graphics - select SD TV)

The other issues I have not seen myself.

Re: Feedback: New Blue IMG

Is there a way I can get shows back that were recently deleted but are still in history?

Re: Feedback: New Blue IMG
Master - Level 1

"Recent Deletes" holds up to 30 deleted programs if space is available.  They can be restored.

Re: Feedback: New Blue IMG
Specialist - Level 2

For the font size, you can defnitely change the setting under video settings from HD to SD if you have a standard definition TV.  The HD font is definitely way too small for that.

I had a tube TV and kept it for 6 years until we got the TV Guide Display upgrade and even with the graphics mode set for SD, I thought it was still horrible to look at and hard to read.  It was hard on my eyes and the colors would clash and bleed into each other because the SDTV resolution is limited.  I don't think that has anything at all to do with your vision.  I'm nearsighted with an updated prescription for my glasses.  Do invest in a new HDTV.  But before dismissing that idea for now just because you may not be able to pay for the HDTV in one purchase,  you have various options that you can research.  I know KMart offers a layaway plan if you can't pay the whole amount at once and I've seen some cheaper HDTVs at WalMart and Target, particularly if you're looking for something on the smaller side.  I'll bet that even at a store like Best Buy, you could ask about the possibility of financing your purchase.  The sales associates at Best Buy earn commission with each additional product or service they sell to you and I'm sure they run into this problem frequently.  I think HDTVs have come down in price quite a bit over the years and I don't think they're expensive.  That's just my opinion but if you're short on funds, why not look into these various options for financing your purchase before you say "no" for now?  It's nothing to be ashamed of and all the major retail stores want your business, particularly in this economy with consumer spending still at an all time low.

Also, is your DVR at least a 7xxx series?  If it's a 6xxx series, it won't accommodate the program so well, from what I have learned here.