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Forcing customers to buy HD STBs?
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When the new IMG came out I really didn't like it and came here to see if I could change it back. When I couldn't that was alright, but then I realized how much slower it is now than before. It's almost unusable. I looked to see if their was a way to fix this, but the only thing that came up was replacing the STB. Then I found out that the new IMG isn't meant to work on the SD STB, and Verizon is no longer supporting SD STBs only HD ones. That I would have to get a HD STB in order for the IMG to work like it is supposed to. So pretty much if I want the new IMG to work properly I have to pay an extra 15 dollars a month to get an HD STB for my non HD TV, even though there was nothing wrong with the old IMG and in my opinion looked and worked much better. To make it worse if you do not have a digital TV then the contrast was so bad that you couldn't even read the IMG. So now if you want to use FIOs you have to have an HD STB and a digital TV. I have an HD TV and a HD STB for my downstairs TV but not for the TVs in the rest of the house, but you should not have to purchase HD STBs for every TV even when their not HD. They should either give us free upgrades for SD STBs to HD STBs, which won't likely happen. Or they could let us choose to use the old IMG if we want. A new feature should be able to be used on all the products that are used. Or this could be Verizon just being greedy forcing people to pay for HD STBs.

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Re: Forcing customers to buy HD STBs?

I see no one has respnded to this one. So I will do my best.

You may benefit from this. I know it still raises your costs a little, but if you add up the numbers it is not the full price for each box. MRDVR+STB discounts, or discounts based on the number of boxes. If you have one HD adding a second will not be the full price of the first.

The more you have, the more you save. I know it may be a couple of dollars more per box, but will go a long way to increase your viewing pleasure. Everything changes over time, and you can not expect VZ to support older hardware forever. Many have argued the hardware changes should be free as part of the service, but the new boxes do add features if you choose to use them. You can view the HD channels on and SD TV, and some of those channels are not available as SD channels.

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