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Home Network - very slow computer response on 2nd computer on network
Enthusiast - Level 2

Hi all-

I posted on the FIOS forum about connection problems to my home network that was resolved.

Now that that issue is resolved, I have another and I hope this is the proper forum to ask...

It has to do with very slow response from my newly connected (Old) system. I have re-connected my old Gateway 5200S desktop that our family used for a couple of years a couple of years ago.... It runs XP pro with SP3. After I got it connected to my home network with a wireless adapter, I have cleaned out most of the old programs and have run Update to get as much updated autmatically as I can (as the computer has not been used for about 3 years)

I am noticing a noticeable slowdown in my compueter system- when I turn it on, it takes awhile to be "ready" for internet or running a program and even then, once connected to the internet, the system seems VERY slow to react and bring up my internet content- I have plenty of memory left and just installed Google Chrome (last used IE 7 0r 8 on the system). I assume that's the first step, but I am wondering what else I can do to improve performance? 

My current "newer" family desktop runs just fine without any noticeable slowdown, but it's a newer Dell and newer computer = faster response I know, but does anyone have any suggestions for getting the older Gateway "up to speed"?

I am considering upgrading the processor maybe memory as well, but maybe there is more to look at and I would like to hear suggestions before I go out buying random upgrading parts that might not be compatible...

Thanks for any suggestions

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Re: Home Network - very slow computer response on 2nd computer on network
Master - Level 1

When you use a 13 year old computer you are at the mercy of the processor and memory of the time.Yes the computer will work but ir is going to work at a much slower pace than today's computers.

Re: Home Network - very slow computer response on 2nd computer on network
Super User
Super User


Please consider getting another used  computer before "updating the one you could well be less expensive and better performing.

I just did the following test on my iPad 2 (27.6 Gb Capacity) running iOS 8.2

Wireless Test   Server Location NYC  Mar 27,2015  11:50 am

Download 30.49 Mbps

Upload      23.15 Mbps

Latency    7 ms

iPad 2's should be quite "reasonable"

Let us know what you decide.

73's for now.