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Network configuration advice


Let's start with what I have:

2004 home pre-wired with cat 5e cables

Verizon router is an Actiontec MI424WR-GEN2 rev F & firmware 20.19.8 10/100 Mbps (connected to the Internet via coax)

Cisco SE2800 8 port gigabit switch (connected to router via port 1)

LaCie-d2 NAS for backups (connected to switch)

Network printer (connected to switch)

Windows 7 Pro PC (connected to switch)

iMac (connected to switch)

Roku media streaming device (connected to switch)

Xbox Arcade (connected to switch)

Ubuntu Linux laptop (used occasionally connected via wireless sometimes wired)

iPad (wireless)

2 iPhones (occasionally connected via wireless)

Please keep in mind that not all devices are running at the same time.  Based on my speeds are about 58/18, so I have no concerns there.  I am more concerned with my internal network speeds and traffic.  I am wondering if there is some sort of conflict or loss between the router and the switch.  I have spoken with numerous people at Verizon, but eveyone has a different answer. Is it a waste of money or would I benefit from buying the Actiontec MI424WR (GigE) from my local Verizon Plus store?  After swtiching from a Cisco E4200v2 gigabit router to the Actiontec, Xbox drops connection or is slow, and there is lag when watching Netflix on iMac.  I wonder if it has something to do with NAT or UPnP or port forwarding.  Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Re: Network configuration advice
Master - Level 2

Here is my 2 cents.

You have to keep in mind that your choke point is your Internet Connection.  If many of your devices can go Gig yet your Internet Connection is 58/18.  I'm not saying this is bad but here is my take.

If you have a lot of devices running either 100 meg or even 1000 meg and you can only download from the Internet at 58 meg again, your Internet Connection is the choke point.

Now the connection between your Gigabit switch and VZ router is only 100 meg so here is another choke point.  You have devices communicating at 1000 meg and then if they need to get on the internet or a device on the Router you need to hit the outbound connection at only 100 meg.

So, the quesiton that I would consider is the following:

It appears many of your wired devices are on the gigswitch.  That's good.

If you need to do any backups, stream media from Roku then that is all taking place at gigspeeds.

Now you have two choke points to contend with, connection to Actiontec 1000 to 100.

Then 100 to 58 or 18.  Would you benefit from the Actiontec to be 1000?  Because you are still limited by your internet connection of 58 meg, don't think you would see any significant benefit to upgrading to a gig router because you still have the Internet connection being at 58 meg.

Regarding the lag, I would be curious to know if you moved the Xbox or Imac to Router if the problem still exisited.

Re: Network configuration advice

Hi jumpin68ny,

Thank you for taking the time to throw in your 2 cents.  Finally, someone has really laid it out for me!  I will not be buying the gigabit router, but I will try moving the xbox or imac to the router.  Hopefully Iwill remember to post the results.

Thanks again for your advice!!

Re: Network configuration advice

Hi jumpin68ny,

We are currently testing the plugging in of the xbox directly into the router instead of the switch, and will let you know how that goes.  Another user in a different forum suggested assigning all devices static ips, instead of using dhcp.  I dont think that has anything to do with anything, but thought I would throw it out to you.  Will that make any difference, or simply help with port forwarding?

Thank you & best regards.

Re: Network configuration advice

It's very easy to assign static ip's if you want to do it