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On-line DVR "recorded programs" listings by IMG 1.9

Logged into my DVR through Firefox this morning and the list of programs that I've recorded is now nearly impossible to decipher.  Gone is the NAME of the program or series, instead you get the title of the episode.  Also, seven programs are now lumped under the heading of "Pilot", but they are totally unrelated shows on 6 different channels, with no info other than, "Pilot" available.  I guess "Pilot" is now the dumping ground for new shows, huh? 

Here's a good example of the asinine new setup.  One show is labeled "Edward", and was on the Discovery Channel.  Edward what?  I have no clue what that program was.  And to top off this atrocity, it is no longer possible to click on the label to get info about it.  All you have available is the episode name, with no option to see any other info such as THE NAME OF THE SERIES!

The 1.8 setup lumped series shows together in a group.  Example: all the episodes of "Firefly" were neatly boxed under "Firefly"  (D-oh!)  Now the episodes are scattered amongst all other recorded programs, with only the episode titles shown, with no continuity of any kind, nor any way to identify them at a glance.  This has got to be one of the most STUPID software updates that I've ever seen.

If you can't IMPROVE your product, leave it the {word filter avoidance} alone!  1.9 SUCKS, return 1.8 to the network and then go play in your schoolyard sandbox where you can't screw-up anything.

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