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Recorded shows sort order
Enthusiast - Level 3

I thought I read somewhere that with release 1.9, there was an option to sort the list of recorded shows either having the latest show on top or the oldest show on top (instead of only having the latest on top) but I cannot find a way to do that.

Is there a way to sort the recorded shows with the oldest on top? If yes, how?

Thanks to anyone who can help me out.

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Re: Recorded shows sort order
Master - Level 1

No such thing but I want the ability to ungroup:

1. Group (just like it is now)
2. Sort by Genre (General, News & Info, Sports, Movies, Children...) (this would ungroup and they would be listed by Genre)
3. Sort by Channel number (this would ungroup and they would be listed by Channel number)
4. Sort by Date (this would ungroup and they would be listed by Date)
5. Alphabetically (this would ungroup and they would be listed 0 - 9 and then A - Z)

and more...

Re: Recorded shows sort order
Enthusiast - Level 1

Not sure why this has not been implemented yet  (Sort recordings alphabetically)  With the use of external drives now, the list of shows are going to be long, and if you have just latest recorded as your only option, finding shows will be difficult. 

Ideal situation would be to have the ability to sort recordings by record date or alphabetically. With what is being recorded presently on top.  Also, the box needs to remember the setting you choose.

PS  Verizon -  Other dvrs from other companies have been doing this for years already!  Please add feature soon!