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I just ordered the MIFI for my home. We have a cable service provider here but we live in a Rental home and Directv came out the other day and behind our backs CUT the lines to our Cable CO and tied their lines into our Cable CO's.. When we found out wasnt until the next day when Cable CO came out and told us they cant put in lines due to its a rental and we would have to get the land lord to run them.... GREAT!

So this is my only option due to the fact we dont have a home phone or internet.

I have been TEATHERING in via Iphone but its a PAIN due to when you get calls it disconnects you and if I am typing on a forum like this, id loose what I was typing 😞

So question is the MIFI RIGHT for me?

VZ said my are is 4G / LTS EXTENDED.....

am I already in the 2 year agreement? by saying OK on the email before they could ship it out?

I know teathering is SO SLOW on 3g... I have a Iphone 4 ( 1st edition )

Please let me know,



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Though this Community is for Verizon Residential Customers. I can provide a link to the Verizon 4G LTE information and the future of 4G LTE and what you may expect now. It is my understanding that the MiFi is a wireless 4G LTE broadband device for your USB port, or they have available a stand alone unit that can provide Wifi to 5 wireless devices, and depending on your location, it should do much better than DSL, but you will incur usage charges, just as you would on a cell phone while using the web. There are a multitude of new Verizon devices that take advantage of the newer 4G LTE speed. See the links provided below for reference.

This is current information and was discussed in detail at CES 2013, from which I have just left.

Also a link to the wireless community.