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Wifi repeater/extender with ports???

I have my VZ router which is connected to my old PC in my office, which is upstairs.  My laptop sits in the kitchen (wirelessly) downstairs.  My question is, what would I need to buy to be able to make the laptop a wired connection (to get the true internet speed on the laptop that I pay for).  Is that what a wifi repeater/extender with ports is for?  If so, is there a certain type/model/specs that are required for it to work?  Thank you.

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Re: Wifi repeater/extender with ports???

A Wi-Fi Repeater/Wi-Fi to Ethernet device will still limit you to the speed of your Wireless signal in the kitchen, plus any device attahced to the repeater wirelessly will have half the speed of what the connection would operate at going straight to the router in the same location, unless the "repeater" is set up as an Access Point with Ethernet to the rouer instead.

If you're looking for the full port speed (100Mbps, 1Gbps) you're going to be looking at a direct Ethernet connection to the router, or at the very minimum a PowerLine connection. MoCa, while it serves the same purpose wouldn't seem practical in this case unless there's a coax port nearby the laptop's location, then it is certainly an option. Any way else, you're still limited by the speed of the Wireless regardless of what you use. It must be hardwired straight to the router or at the very least going through a switch which goes straight to the router (or through other switches to the router, but that's getting complex!).

So, possibly long reply condensed down, if you're willing to do a little bit of fishing to drop a cable down through the walls from upstairs, you can use a neat looking, wired connection that goes straight to the router. All you need are some wall places, a length of unterminated CAT5/6 cabling, a screwdriver or two, and some time and know-how. That gets the Ethernet connection downstairs. From there, just a cable to go from the wall plate to the laptop. Or, get a set of PowerLine Adapters, plug them in per the installation manual, and use them. Or, if Coax outlets are nearby or can be ran, just use MoCa and a MoCa to Ethernet adapter (these are somewhat costly still, but prices are going down).

If the FiOS router happens to be a Rev F, G, or I unit, they do happen to have Wireless N on them so if Wired seems to be too much of a hassle for one machine, certainly consider that. As long as you're not using some rediculous speed past 50 or so Mbps in either direction, Wireless N generally will deliver what you get as far as Internet service goes reliably.

Re: Wifi repeater/extender with ports???

I had the same problem, but need to connect hard line to a VOIP phone. I used this product and its been working great for about 6 months