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Wireless Light Control

When I set up the light control worked.  Now I get a "device off line" message each time I try to access the control.  When I go back to connect it, it says "device connected."

What now?

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Re: Wireless Light Control
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I recently spoke with Verizon's Monitoring and Control techsupport (today), and I had share the same concern from what I've seen on my setup.  In my scenario, I see that some devices go off-line intermittently.  Like it can be the remote one time, and an applicance switch the next.

The technicians answer was that there could be several factors impacting deviced not able to communicate to the Gateway.  One of the most common ones is that there is frequency interference.  In other words, some of our microwaves, as an example, put out the same frequency as the home home network device (900 or so Mhz) when running.  This will cause devices close to the microwave to be temporarily unavailable.

Other interefence may be the Gateway itself.  If you look at the "Service" light (the one with a Globe Symbol), you can see it rapidly blinking now and then for seceral seconds at a time.  This is when the gateway is communicating with Verizon for its own purposes, like sending current configurations to the Verizon HMC servers, etc.  When this occurs, it is too busy to talk to internal devices in your home that you are trying to change via the Web interface.  However, if the service light is steady green, "lit", then you should not experience any trouble communicating.

Also, when you first start to setup new (or repairing existing) devices, your gateway will be very busy.  This may cause to be slightly out of synch with the devices you have on your home network.  If you give it a couple of hours, it should be synched up.  I guess what I'm saying, sometimes you may not see a device register immidiately.  This is especially true if you are having problems pairing a device, and you tend to unpair, pair, unpair, and pair over and over again (personal experience).  Take a break, grab a drink, and then try again.

Hope this helps.