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i hate it, i hate it i hate it, i hate it
Enthusiast - Level 2

i don't that i can say it enough times

hire some TV user experience designers, verizon! do some user testing BEFORE you roll it out.

the color choices, the font choices, the diminishing (disappearing?) fonts as you get deeper into menus. TOO much data for one screen - we're watching television, not working on a computer!

And it's slow! And buggy. Even with restarts and reloads (by Verizon support), I  keep getting sluggishness that ultimately results in tiny pictures on a big black screen (

I do understand there are some good new features in this release - but if I can't read it, then I can't use them.

Now all I can do is sit back, only watch one channel so I don't have to use the guide, and hope that the upcoming GoogleTV release will free me of the Verizon software.

(hey Verizon, take a look at the first version of the GoogleTV interface. they DIDN'T make it look like a website, but designed a very big and easy interface to use a TV.)

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Re: i hate it, i hate it i hate it, i hate it
Enthusiast - Level 2

btw, i am glad i found these forums. it feels like group therapy. much better that when i was tweeting my complaints - which was more like shouting.

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Re: I hate it, i hate it i hate it, i hate it

I totally agree with you with one more I HATE IT.

The background color, light blue, and the color of the font, white, make it very difficult to read the words. I assume they tried to fit more on the guide so they had to make the font SMALLER? Well, I can't read it. I haven't even tried any of the new features because I can't SEE the words.

I'm so glad I found this blog because I want someone out there to see this. Maybe if more people agree with us Verizon might change it. I called customer service to report my disdain but they  were not interested.

Re: I hate it, I hate it I hate it, i hate it
Enthusiast - Level 1

Is there a way to change the fonts and colors? It is unreadable now.

Re: I hate it, i hate it i hate it, i hate it
Enthusiast - Level 3

FYI: I have 3 TVs; Vizio 22", Sony 32" and Panasonic 55". 1.9 is very readable for me using my over-50 eyes.
Also, the colors and the % of screen taken up by the individual channel info bar look very similar to DirecTV's. 

Just wonderin', have your TVs been calibrated (e.g. brightness, contrast, etc.)?