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two web servers cant use same port forwarding rule???
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I have two web servers, each configured to respond to http reqests on port 80.  I use NoIP service to map a domain name to my router. I create a port forwarding assignment for Server A by selecting the WebServer rule in the port forwarding rule table.  All is fine.  For Server B, I select the same Webserver rule and the router says there is a conflict.

I don't understand why.  I think the router has enough information to route a http request for Server B by knowing its MAC address, which is different than Server A MAC address.

What am I missing here???

I was able to do this on my previous router with DD-WRT.....

So it would appear the way to resolve this is to assign a different port address to Server B???

grrrrrrrrrr I hate this router

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Re: two web servers cant use same port forwarding rule???

You shouldn't have been able to do that on any router.  You have to change the listening port of server 2, to 8080 or something like that, or make one a secure server and run it over 443

That is a known issue with port forwarding

Problem #8:

Same Port in Multiple Rules

There are some routers such as Linksys, D-Link and many others that do not do any checks if a port is already in another port forwarding rule. A port can only be forwarded to one Computer/IP at a time. So when there are multiples of the same port number the port forwarding rule will not work.

Here is an example.

As you can see port 2350 is in 2 rules. The 1st one points to a different IP than that of the 2nd rule. So the router will honor the 1st rule and the 2nd port forwarding rule to port 2350 fails.
By removing the 1st rule the 2nd one will now work.