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12029 Error for FTP Kicking my Arse. HELP!!

the day before X-mas Eve i realized i could not log into my favorite website. The errror message from the IE8 browser i was using gave Diagnostic feedback that my FTPS was not working (error 12029) and that i needed to check with my network administrator to fix it..uh i don't really have one of those. Th eproblem has now spread to my Mozilla firfox browser, I have one PC connected to Verizon Highspeed. I am running 32-bit XP Professional 2002 with service pack 3. I have never had this problem in the two years i have owned this computer and the fifteen yeasr i've been surfing the net.

After researching what FTP's function is I definately worried about not being able to connect to FTP sites. I looked up how to open my ports and did so with ports 20 and 21. I also added their activity as exceptions through my firewall. That didn't work. Then I turned off my  firewall altogether but that didn't seem to be the culprit as the problem persisted after. and is still kicking my arse now

after a million minutes on the phone with a verizon rep (most likely a subcontracted worker in istanbul) who shared my screen and went through some basic troubleshooting out of some god forsaken  text book , i was told the problem must be with my computer hardware itself. and that i have to contact my computer's manufacturer. i laughed .  when i asked if they could see on thier end what is blocking my ports i was told no. that it was not possable. However, the rep said  verizon  can fix the problem. An advanced team of  technicians (ooh la-la) can reconfigure my FTP settings. Now this is where it gets interesting. In order to do that i would have to sign up for a monthly fee of 39.99. no one time service options .


 I am asking someone to either co-sign on this problem here in forum or propose a solution to the problem. I removed IE8 as i have read online it causes FTP issues , and i removed all updates to windows within the time frame of the 12029 FTP error. Nothing has changed the fact i cannot connect to any site that needs to use FTP.

I am not tech savvy. I am computer literate though and can pull off any walkthrough no problem. so please post recommendations..and if you happen to work for verizon i am asking you not to mislead or redirect me. I don't care whose fault it is (eyes modem provided by verizon suspiciousely ) I just want the problem fixed pronto.

Help. Thankyou.

Re: 12029 Error for FTP Kicking my Arse. HELP!!
Super User
Super User

Another user had this problem and quickly fixed it by going into internet explorer(it doesnt matter if you dont use internet explorer)>tools>internet options>connections tab>lan settings> untick the "use a proxy server for your lan...etc"

That should work.

If not..

What firewall do you have?

What version of ie do you have?

What anti-virus program do you have?