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5 Computers and HSI 1.2 - 3 Mbps
Enthusiast - Level 1

I have 3 desktop computers and 2 laptops. My current plan is HSI 1.2 - 3 Mbps.  

The problem is slow internet connection. When one computer downloads movies and another computer streams youtube or netflix, my computer slows down. It takes forever to load a page on my end of the network. It's not a modem or router problem and there is no way for me to control the bandwidth that is shared with all the computers in the network. 

I also have 2 other desktop computers that I want to connect to the internet, but I will not connect that on my router because that will tremendously slow down my internet even more. 

I'm thinking of adding another line in my house, but that means I would have to pay more for another landline and another verizon internet service. I'm also thinking of changing my isp to comcast if they can offer a better internet service.

What are my options for a stable internet? I won't be able to tell the users to stop downloading or stop streaming youtube or netflix.

Verizon does not support FIOS in my neighborhood and this is the highest speed that is available for my area. 


Re: 5 Computers and HSI 1.2 - 3 Mbps
Master - Level 3

The biggest consumption of internet is video streaming, downloading large files, and online video gaming. When you are doing these tasks, performance will be degraded to other devices on your network. First thing to do is to check if theres a problem with your DSL service. Go to  and run the test with nothing else connected to the internet. This will make sure the service is coming into the house at your subscribed rate. As long as your getting the speeds you are supposed to, there is nothing more we can do. If your speeds are coming in much slower than they should, there may be a problem we would have to work out. Please let us know if the speeds are slow and we need to look into your circuit.

Re: 5 Computers and HSI 1.2 - 3 Mbps
Super User
Super User

Provide a speed test from one of these two websites below. Test from a PC connected using Ethernet to rule out anything with the Wireless first of all.

Second, start up the following download while no one is using the Internet:

From here, open up Command Prompt (Start > Run > type in cmd and press OK, OR if you're using Vista/WIn7, type in cmd into the search box and open cmd). Run the following command:

ping -t

Let that command run for about a minute, and then press Ctrl + C to stop the pinging. At the end of the program, it will tell you information about how the pining went. Tell us what it shows there, such as the time in Milliseconds it took on average for a reply to come back. From this point, you can stop the above download as I only wanted it started to get the line under load.

Hope this isn't too confusing, but it will let us look into what you might be seeing when someone is consuming bandwidth.

Re: 5 Computers and HSI 1.2 - 3 Mbps
Enthusiast - Level 3

I would be hesistant to tell you to upgrade to high speed internet with Verizon. I recently did that and have been plagued with problems and no resolution from tech support.