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As Requested New Thread DSL low speeds and drop outs ref: Anthorny Verizon.

Please see post by Jerrold concerning the form for information requested, I have never been able to fill this out. Note also I had to sign in three times just to access your private letter to me today.

Here is a summary of problem:

When my line was first installed line speed was always between 9 to 12 Mps, which is fine for a 15 Mps line, sometimes would even go higher, so line was ok.

In October 2012 my line speed dropped to about 5 to 7 Mps, I contacted support and repairs were attemped, but did not correct the problem in fact problem became worst.  My line speed dropped to about 2 to 3 Mps.

Now from October to end of November, all repairs did not correct problem.  I was told by chat tech support that the problem was being worked on and there was an open ticket.

In December my line speed returned to normal speed was between 9 to about 13 Mps.  No one had contacted me about this so I again contacted chat tech support who said my line had been fixed and there were no open tickets so have a nice day.  I accepted this at face value and accepted that my line was now ok.

In January 2013, My line speed dropped again to 2 to 3 Mps.  I contacted chat tech support who tested line and put in a repair request.  No one had responded back to me and a week later my line started to drop in and out losing the connection completely.  I again contacted tech support who told me they had no open tickets on my account, they tested line and while we were talking on voice connection my phone started to have heavy static, both my DSL and Phone dropped out at that point.  Tech support called me back and said he was putting a repair request and that my line had problems. That night Tuesday January 29 my Phone and DSL both died, no dial tone on phone and DSL showed only power light on.  Contacted tech support by a friends cell phone and informed them of this, was told ok it would be fixed by open ticket for next day.

Repair was to be made on Wednesday January 30, no one showed up, called tech support and told repair would be made on Thursday.  Thursday late repair person showed up around 4:30 or 5:00pm, landlord gave access to building.  I did not know they were here at all, when he told me( my landlord) I tested my DSL and found it running at 1.7 Mps or below that.  When I attempted to call tech support found my phone was still dead, no dial tone at all.  Contacted chat tech support who told me ticket was still open and would be fixed by Friday, or Monday.

On Monday, phone still dead, DSL running at 1.7 Mps contacted chat support who had me take a phone to the junction box outside of building, plugged in two phones to this no dial tone at junction box (both phones work ok checked using a neighbors phone jack)  should note that on the outside of building there are two junction boxes, but one has lock on it so could not use that one.  Anyway told that DSL could not be fixed until phone is repaired.  Tried contacting phone repair and all I get is auto wait then line drops using a neighbors phone and pay phone my is dead.

Tuesday again contacted chat support now told to bad, until phone is fixed cannot help me ( was'nt that suppose to be done in first repair, fix phone and DSL given both were reported dead).

So why am I upset well look at history I now sit with No Phone service, DSL running way below what I pay for and a tech support who has said to bad not our problem.  I also do not want to hear that my line does not and cannot support the speed I pay for ( it has shown to support that speed at beginning of install up to October and again in December).

Well anyway your letter did not say where to start new thread should I do that here, or in open forum?

Oh, auto phone repair has given me a date for phone service as this Friday, I hope that at least gets done I cannot contact them any other way it seems.

You may also ref: my thread on ping rates over 600 on long distants calls for any other history, but as per your request here is new thread.  Please note as of today I have No Phone so can only be contacted by email or here.  Untill phone is repaired that's all there is.

Re: As Requested New Thread DSL low speeds and drop outs ref: Anthorny Verizon.
Khoros Partner
Khoros Partner

Please go to your profile page for the forum by clicking on your name, and look in the middle towards the bottom where you will find an area titled "My Private Support Cases".
There you will find a link to the private board where you and the agent may exchange information. This should be checked on a frequent basis as the agent may be waiting for information from you before they can proceed with any actions. Please keep all correspondence regarding your issue in the private support portal.