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Being double charged every month and customer service can't fix my issue !

When I moved into my apartment in March 2012, I got Verizon High Speed Internet service for $19.99 per month. In April of last year I was triple charged due to ..I am guessing.. a mistake on my account and they then refunded me and took the charge off. Ever since then, I have been either double or even triple charged EVERY month. Ive been on the phone with customer service EVERY month trying to deal with this reoccurring issue for up to two hours and no one is able to figure out the reason why I am constantly being charged double or triple. I am told by every representative I speak with that.. You're all set, next month will be back to normal.. The next month, it happens again and I am charged more than my $19.99 a month. One of those months last year Fios was added to my account for some reason and I dont even have cable in my apartment ! I was charged extra for that as well. I've spoken to supervisors and one told me a few months ago that she put a refund on my account and I am not to pay the following two months since it was covered. The next month, there was a double charge, yet since I was informed not to pay, I ignored the charges and now my payments are ..past due.. I cannot trust anyone who I speak with and there have been countless times where I have spoken to women especially with attitudes who tell me they cannot do anything about this issue and they transfer me off to another department. Just a few months ago, I was told that I now have two accounts and that I was being charged for both of them and that is why I have been receiving two paper statements in the mail ! There are two separate account numbers but both are in my name and I am being charged for both. I have been told by the representatives I speak to each month that he or she merged the two accounts together and this will no longer happen. The next month, I get double charged, two statements, and I am on the phone AGAIN dealing with this same issue. NO ONE is able to figure this out for me. I was on the phone for over an hour this morning with a woman who had to get other people on this issue because she couldnt figure it out. She told me she needed to call me back within ten minutes... two hours go by, no call. I call back and speak with an incredibly rude representative who cannot do anything for me because she doesnt understand why I have two accounts, so she transfers me. At this point, I break down and start crying as the other person answers me call. I cannot control my emotions with this any longer. I am sick to my stomach every month when I see that there is a bill in my mail box. I stress out more from my Verizon bill than I stress about over my job ! I am taking longer breaks from work and not being paid to talk to these customer service representatives every month trying to get my issues resolved and this is just getting ridiculous. I am tired of this. This shouldnt be happening and no one will fix it. I was refused when I wanted to speak with a supervisor because the woman told me it was not a valid reason??? HOW IS MY ISSUE NOT A VALID REASON? All this over a 19.99 crap high speed internet service. The woman I spoke with today also told me I have two accounts, she closed one, and zeroed out the balance. She told me I am fine this month and to wait for next months bill and it should be back to normal. She was so sweet, yet I couldnt trust her because this happens every month.

If calls are monitored or recorded, why havent I gotten a call back about my issue??? Im sure you can hear how frustrated I am, how bitchy these representatives are and how they actually tell me they cant help me !

I am wanting to cancel my service all together but am afraid I will be hit with charges ! I am terrified to see my credit report because I had flawless credit until this whole thing happened and I need to get this all straightened out !

Ive emailed you before and never heard back. Its quite sickening that you dont get back to your customers. Ive never know anyone who has had such a problem with Verizon like I am having and Id really like someone higher up to speak with who knows what is going on with my account

I wish the manager of the whole company would know how their representatives are treating their customers