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Bogus Bundling

this may not be new news for some of you, but if you don't have or need a home phone you won't be able to change your service without getting one. 

I have had Verizon DSL Internet at my home for over 4 years now. In all that time, I have not had a home phone and have never needed one. I do all my phone business (what little there is) through wireless communications which is much more valuable as a modern communications solution. A home phone is a completely unecessary expense for me.

Recently, I realized I could upgrade the speed of my DSL. Yet, when I attempted to upgrade the service, I was told I would need to "Bundle" my internet with home phone service. Whereas only upgrading my internet would be a small fee more, Verizon wants me to pay for a service I don't want or even need for a greater amount. 

So, be forewarned, bundling is not customer friendly. It requires more services than you may need and at a greater expense. 

Re: Bogus Bundling
Super User
Super User

Thanks for posting this. Helps to spread the word a bit more so people don't get the bill shock when they find another service added to their bill.

By any chance do you know what High Speed package you pay for? You can say it either in range for speed (such as 768kbps-1Mbps or 1.2Mbps-3Mbps) or "High Speed Internet" or "High Speed Internet Enhanced"

If you have the Enhanced speed package you don't need to talk to Billing to have your package changed. You're already paying for anything from 1.2Mbps to 15Mbps. If you've got the basic "No more than 1Mbps" package then you're sort of stuck I'm afraid unless you manage to bend Verizon's rules.

Re: Bogus Bundling
Enthusiast - Level 3
Bundling is OK if you are not on auto pay as I am. It seems they don't really bundle the DSL and phone. As I thought my Verizon bill was being paid until 2 months ago when my bill was through the roof. Here it was because they were only taking and paying the phone part and have not paid the DSL part of the bill. So I have to pay close to $200 for a $69 bundled package. I was told they forgot to bundle them. So, is it a good thing to bundle and save a couple of dollars? This month again I have an extra $68 charge on my auto pay, so I decided to pay it before auto pay did so I know it is paid. I am not sure about the bundle thing as DSL and phone service are 2 different things all together and it is not easy for Verizon to keep the bundle bill together as I have found out. So, look at my surprise on the bundle thing as I am thinking I am paying for a bundle but it was kept seperate for months and I had to pay that full amount even though it was Verizon who made the mistake of not putting my DSL under the bundle. One can't win with bundling because it is alway the cutomers wrong doing. They should have given me the bundle price on the 3 months of DSL instead I had to pay the full cost of the DSL for 3 months of so called bundling. I am now thinking of dropping the phone and just keeping the DSL since they charge full price even if one does bundle.