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Can Anyone Help Me Configure My Verizon (D-Link) DSL-2750B "Traffic Shaping" (QoS)?

Well ... I just spent a wonderful hour and a half (not) bouncing around VZ technical support, etc. trying to get assistance regarding configuring my DSL router.* Between the low-quality Skype connection to India and my lack of success, I'm a little bummed out right now.

Could one of you perhaps help me? I'm trying to configure a single, wire-attached network node (port 4 of the router) so that it can only consume up to 320 Kbps of my 750 Kbps (7.5 Mbps) DSL bandwidth ... no matter what. This results from this node consuming virtually all of the circuit's bandwidth when streaming or during bulk file transfers.

I have tried to remedy the problem using priority with no discernible impact.

The Quality of Service (QoS) element called Traffic Shaping (Services | QoS | Traffic Shaping), described on Page 51 of the VZ DSL-2750B User Manual , appears to be the ideal solution to my problem. Repeated attempts at activating this QoS have all resulted in no throttling of bandwidth consumption.

My most recent attempt was to define the device on Port 4 as the DMZ host ... and then apply a new rule (320 TX, 320 RX) to this interface. Again, no joy.

Does anyone have any experience with this service on this router?

Am I chasing my tail trying to configure the router without validating that my circuit is not configured with "Fastpath (PSE) inactive"?

If the circuit configuration is a potential problem, which office should I ask for at VZ customer service?

Here is the information from the System page of the Router Control Panel:

  Gateway ID: PX2M1BC000000

  Software Version:

  Release Date: Feb 19 2012

  Platform: D-Link DSL-2750B

  Board Tag:... Ntag-5_4_12_1_44

  Compilation Flags:... LIC=/home/bat/bat/dlink_bcm96328_5_4_12_1/20120219_1343/conf/jpkg_bcm9636x_dlink.lic CONFIG_RG_PROD_IMG=y DIST=DLINK_DSL2750B

I'll note that the Router provides a notification that "RX QOS might not operate when Fastpath (PSE) is active" when I update the router configuration page concerning Traffic Shaping. Because Fastpath is not mentioned in the User Manual, I'm guessing that Fastpath (PSE) might be a configurable attribute of the circuit servicing my PoP, but I have no idea if this is the case.

I searched for relevant messages on this board ... without success. If this has already been addressed, please provide a link, and accept my apologies. (My Google-Fu tends to be weak.)

Re: Can Anyone Help Me Configure My Verizon (D-Link) DSL-2750B "Traffic Shaping" (QoS)?

The asterisk in the first post refers to the following summary of events:

10:40 - Attempt to solve my configuration question using VZ chat begins.

10:49 - VZ chat agent Danish refers me to phone support.  (Chat ID number is 020813176471 if you're with VZ and are interested.)

10:50 - Call VZ phone support.

11:02 - Talk with Angel.  Because she has not heard of, nor received training in, "traffic shaping," she says my question about configuring this VZ DSL modem must be addressed by "Premium Technical Support."  She transfers me.

11:13 - Talk with Pamela.  Premium Technical Support only responds to questions about 3d party products.  Because my question concerns a VZ DSL modem, Basic Technical Support is responsible.  She transfers me.

11:17 - Talk with Joe.  He says either the vendor (D-Link) or premium technical support is required.  Because I had already tried with D-Link (they referred me to Verizon, as this modem was built exclusively for VZ), I explained what I had already experienced, and described how I wanted "assistance configuring my VZ DSL modem, specifically a feature described on page 51 of the User Manual."  He transfers me.

11:23 - The automated phone system asks for my 12-digit customer ID.  I wasn't able to find it fast enough, and rolled through to Financial Services.  Eventually Trig picked up, listened to my story, and transferred me to "Technical Support" providing the direct dial number, just in case (866.945.79xx).

11:32 - Entered the phone queue.  Lots of hissing and clicks.

11:35 - Talk with Monika.  (The voice clarity from this point onward was on the order of 1st-generation Skype.  Between the horrible language problem -- Monika is in India don'cha know -- and the lousy line quality, this was the most frustrating.)  No matter what I said, I couldn't convey the reason for my call.  I asked to talk with a supervisor, which Monika related was not possible.  She also related that she could not transfer me to an American POC or supervisor.

12:01 - Hung up the phone ... and started down the path that led to my post immediately above.

I was repeatedly queried about the account name and number throughout the process.  Conveying this information was especially challenging during the Indian call segment.