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Can not get wireless devices to connect to internet-saying "OUT OF RANGE"

Our wireless devices ie.(cell phones, kindle, Wii) were connecting just fine up until yesterday.  They are now saying that the wireless network is "out of range"  I don't understand why this is happening when my desktop is working just fine with connecting to the internet.  I tried resetting my modem, didn't work.  I do not particularly care for this modem that I received this time, it seems that I have nothing but problems with it.  It is the D-Link, I am used to having the Linksys one and preferred it over this one!  I have called tech support on a few other occasions with other internet issues.  Someone please help!!

Re: Can not get wireless devices to connect to internet-saying "OUT OF RANGE"
Super User
Super User

If you'd like to hook up your old Linksys router for use, you are free to do so. There's just a bunch of things you must do. I'll lay out the basics as to what needs to be done, but I don't have a guide to follow at the moment as to how to set up the D-Link modems.

What needs to be done (in order):

  • Disable Wireless on the D-Link
  • Disable the Firewall on the D-Link
  • Disable UPnP on the D-Link
  • Disable DHCP on the D-Link
  • Set the connection mode from PPPoE to Bridged
  • Reboot the modem when prompted
  • Plug in the Linksys's Internet/WAN port into one of the D-Link ports.
  • Log into the Linksys and configure the Linksys to use PPPoE, not "Automatic (DHCP)", and set MTU to 1492
  • Enter Username and Password for PPPoE and save
  • Test connectivity.

If you'd like to get the D-Link working, start off by making some adjustments to the Wireless settings. What settings do you see if you log into the gateway at and use one of the following usernames and passwords?







admin/Router's serial number, or password printed on the bottom label.

Key things to look for are settings in relationship to Auto Channel selection (I recommend disabling this), and the Wireless compatibility mode (B/G/N).

Re: Can not get wireless devices to connect to internet-saying "OUT OF RANGE"

Thank you for responding.  I don't have an issue using the D-Link modem as long as the problem can be fixed.  Is there something that I can do to fix the problem, that I haven't already tried?  I have tried turning it off for about a minute and then switching it back on, I have tried totally unplugging the power cord and restarting it, I have checked all the wires to make sure the connection from the modem to my computer are good and I have ran a connection test to make sure the internet speed it good - none of it has helped.  I just don't know what else to do.  All the lights are lit up on the modem itself, that need to be and like I said, I have no problem getting on the internet via my desktop, which is directly connected to the modem.  I just don't understand why it says on the wireless network settings on my cell phone and Wii that its not in range.