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Connection problems

I have a GT704 WG router and it runs my computer well enough.  However, I added two ipads and when I watch Amazon Prime videos on my ipad while working on my computer, the stream from the ipad quits (connection lost.)  Now I've added the DTV package where I can watch television on my ipad and I get errors such as "Your home network is responding too slowly" and "Internet connection was lost, please try again later (2108)."  In cases like this I find the ipad settings shows no wireless router active so when the stream quits I'm being booted off my own system.  Again, the computer works fairly well.

Do I need a more powerful router?  What about the Network Extender that Verizon sells for $249?  Is that worth the money and might it help me?  Do I need a second network?  I have the 7 meg plan or whatever Verizon calls it. 

One other problem:  I tried installing Home Agent and I can't logon because I do not have the password used when I installed the router and Verizon can't help me or reset the password option so I can install it on my Mac.  Is there a way to retrieve it?

Re: Connection problems

By default the routers Verizon hands out, unless you have changed the password are set up to use admin as the username, and admin as the password. Sometimes they use one of the following besides that:



admin/admin (listed above)




Your Verizon Username and Password

If you're seeing interruptions while watching video, I would investigate first the speed you are currently getting from the service. Visit and run a speed test to the nearest major city to you, From there, share the result with us.

In addition, is your Blu-Ray player wired or Wireless to the router? I understand iPads are Wireless only, and with that mentioned does the iPad show 2 or more bars for Wi-Fi while you're streaming content on them?

Re: Connection problems
Specialist - Level 3

Two things to consider on your speed issue.

1. The bandwidth you get from Verizon (or any provider) is the total for all of your connected devices.  A computer and two Ipads sounds like a lot for a 7meg plan.  Especially if you are streaming movies.  You might try turning the computer off, or put it to sleep, while using the Ipad.  Also try disabling any other programs on the Ipad that are running.


2.  The GT704WG router is an 802.11g model.  You might try swapping it for an 802.11n routerThose have better distance and wall pentration.  Some people think it doesn't matter. In my experience it does.  The drawback is that Verizon may want you to pay to upgrade.