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DSL Line Testing - First Week
Enthusiast - Level 2

When I first set up my DSL through verizon, they performed what I believe to be called a "Dynamic Line Test". During this first week or so, Verizon would analyze the lines many factors that contribute the amount of bandwidth your line can handle. Once per day the connection would drop then the modem would reconnect to the gateway. 

1. My first question is what is the name of that process, is it "Dynamic Line Test"?

Which leads to my second question. 3 weeks ago a line a shorted out line, which coicidently led to no where, and wreaked havoc on my line. I had no dial tone, crazy amount of static, and I would randomly pick up the phone to it ringing or in mid conversation with an automated service. 

I plugged my line directly in the NID to see if the problem was on my end. I waited 3 or 4 days to see if it was weather related then called  Verizon. They quickly dispatched a line technition and the problem was resolved two days later when the technition removed the extra line.

During this time, miraculously, my internet was able to connect for 20 min or so at a time then dissconect. However, over those 3 or 4 days, the speed was dropped multiple times to compensate for the line noise, as it should. Since the line has been fixed however, the speed has remained the same, not providing what my line is capable of while remaining completely stable.

2. My second question is, if I ask Verizon to perform another "Dynamic Line Test", will they do so? I'm not requesting anything my line is incapable of providing. 


Re: DSL Line Testing - First Week
Enthusiast - Level 2

You are experiencing the effects of the ASSIA program. How do I know this- My line has once again slowed from the rock steady 2.8 mb down to 2.1. This happened last year- and after HOURS of complaining/help desk calls- they sent out a tech.

They reset the line on the ASSIA program/server(don't know HOW it works) and BAM! right back to 2.89 down.

Well after the plug being loose in the outlet then finally falling out, it "thinks" my connection is unsteady. Yet I have been at 2.89 for years....... Good luck. I'm about to start my calls to them. is the program they are using to THROTTLE DOWN everyones connection......

Re: DSL Line Testing - First Week
Enthusiast - Level 2

Hmm. I did some more research and found your thread and a few others talking about ASSIA. 

I also looked back at one of my old posts which listed my transeiver statistics at the time when I upgraded speeds and recieved 3.0 Down 860 UP. NOTE: This was before upgrading, I was wondering what my line could handle.

Line ModeADSL_2plus
Data PathFAST
Transceiver InformationDown Stream PathUp Stream Path
DSL Speed (Kbits/Sec)1181445
Margin (dB)34.126.0
Line Attenuation (dB)37.516.1
Transmit Power (dBm)20.612.3

The transeiver statistics now after the line was removed are even better, yet my speed has decreased



Line ModeADSL_2plus
Data PathFAST
Transceiver InformationDown Stream PathUp Stream Path
DSL Speed (Kbits/Sec)2109636
Margin (dB)32.522.7
Line Attenuation (dB)35.015.6
Transmit Power (dBm)20.812.4

One of the people that answered my previous post was Smith6612 , and in your thread he suggests 


"Just tell Verizon to shut ASSIA off and define a profile for your line in the DSLAM and the edge router (Juniper most likely). They can certainly do that, and I know they can considering I speak to the person responsible for that system on a routine basis. You just need to have the person you speak to in Verizon reach out to a tech who can adjust this if they cannot adjust your profile in this depth."


Did you try this, and if so what your results? I'd like to learn more about the process as knowing what your talking about tends to be helpful in these situations. 



Would it be possible to have them reset my ASSIA profile, and reconfigure it. Or would it be best to try and get them to set a manual profile, what would be the best way to go about doing this.