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DSL availability help

Hoping someone can help. I've had Verizon DSL for close to 7 years, we are moving within our town (North Port, FL) and I was shocked to find out that DSL wasn't available at our new address. Upon questioning the phone rep a little he said that it is possible to have DSL at our new address but the switch (I think that was the word he used ) wasn't accepting any new connections. So my question is when this happens is this just a temporary problem or could we be without internet for a long time. I've tested a few other address of vacant houses in the area and I get the same message from the online system about DSL not being available, so when an area gets overloaded like this does Verizon ever add capacity? Our area isn't served by Comcast and are only choices for high speed is DSL or satellite but the cost of satellite internet is just astronomical. The thought of having to go with dial up just makes my skin crawl. Hoping someone has some sort of answer or similar experience that turned out well.

Re: DSL availability help
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Super User
If DSL isn't available even for adjacent locations, then yes more than likely they are at capacity if others close by do in fact have DSL. The DSLAMs only have a limited amount of Ports that can be populated, especially if it happens to be at a Remote instead of a Central Office. As to whether or not Verizon will add capacity is a mystery, though if demand does exist I'm sure something could be done in a relatively short time. Otherwise, your best bet if capacity isn't freed/added is a 3G/4G connection with no data cap (don't mess with any plan that has a cap). Don't toy with Satellite unless dial-up is really the only alternative.
Re: DSL availability help
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Well, I have had Dial-up for about 15 years. I can't stand it but Verizon still doesn't offer DSL.  It's all bull crap because there are about ten people on my road that would like DSL, and half a mile away the street next to us has DSL.  And also, about 10-12 years ago when we first moved here, some of my neighbors went around with a petition to get DSL, but we didn't sign up because we had to agree to an outrageous offer of about 40-50 dollars a month and we couldn't handle that financially at the time.  Now when we do want it they still haven't made it available to us.  I mean holy crap, what is wrong with Verizon, because we also have comcast TV, but they aren't doing anything either.  I mean why bother with us when they could spend thousands of dollars so some joe schmoe in town can download a video 5 seconds faster.  O yea that's a great choice Verizon.