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DSL enhanced is really slow....

download and upload is around a .5 mbps when it should be over 1.1.  Don't know where to get help really so I'm posting here, thanks.  Can someone please help because I don't see why i should be paying for enhanced when I'm getting basic speeds.

Re: DSL enhanced is really slow....
Super User
Super User

We'll help you out!

Can you explain your setup a little bit for us? What modem and/or router are you currently using? If we can get this information, we'll proceed with figuring out the speed your modem is connected at.

Re: DSL enhanced is really slow....
Specialist - Level 2

Please post your transceiver statistics when things are good, and when they aren't so good.

Usually the issue is the copper pair connecting you to the central office is very old and very long. When the insulation gets wet, it changes the dielectric characteristics of the line, and can dramatically increase the losses. This is an issue because the frequencies used for DSL are much higher than those used for voice communication. So while the wet insulation might still provide toll grade voice service, it may not provide very good DSL service. Voice services are tariffed, so if the line cannot provide toll grade voice service, Verizon is obligated to fix it. DSL isn't a tariffed service, so unfortunately, Verizon isn't obligated to do anything about poor DSL service.

Newer insulation is generally better behaved in we weather.

When I had DSL Service (I now have FiOS), if I could hear  thunder, my DSL service was down. When it was raining, I lost about 600kbps on the downlink and about 100kbps on the uplink of my service. My copper pair is so old (and the house so old), that I don't have a NIB, just a porcelain connecting block where the copper pair comes into the basement. My guess is the pair is close to 70 years old!  In the end I was surprised my DSL service worked as well as it did.

The Good news about FiOS, if it is available, is that it is weather proof, and what Verizon advertises for FiOS is pretty much what you can expect to actually get (if not a little faster).