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DSL line speed

My internet plan are the 3 down .864 up. I have had 2 different technicians out that previously fixed some issues and both of them did a speed test and said that i easily should be able to get 7 down 1 up.

After several calls to Verizon asking for this speed i keep getting told that they are not able to provide that speed in my area. Why would both techs then tell me it is possible?

I also play online games and i am unable to play certain games until after 2330 at night. This have been going on for months. Ping times to game servers will drop from 250+ to anywhere between 44 and 85 after that time.

Some stats if that will make some sense to anyone:


VCI 35

DSL mode Auto

DSL negotiated mode G.DMT

Connection status Showtime

Speen down/up 3360 / 864

ATM QoS class UBR

Outpot power 11.9 / 8.3 dBm

Attainable Rate down/up 11232 / 1032   <----- this is what puzzles me

HEC errors 0 / 0

OCD errors 0 / 0

LCD errors 0 / 0

SNR Margin 25.0 / 12.0 dB

Attenuation 26.0 / 15.0 dB

I have no other options than Verizon around here

Re: DSL line speed
Super User
Super User

Those stats indicate that you are able to get speeds to 7.1Mbps with FastPath. If ADSL is available, 10Mbps with FastPath. That is what the attainable rate is indicating, and that is often a "best effort" number.

Your symptoms do ring of congestion somewhere. Do your DSL speeds fall overall at night when you are seeing 250ms ping in your games?

Additonally, just to make sure. You have ruled out any high ping times from not being caused by any device wired or wirelessly connected to your router, correct?