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DSL setup is supposed to be easy..

After waiting two weeks for the service date to arrive , I tried to set up our modem.. I connected everything just like the book the right order.. The "activate my dsl" page came on I filled in the info and went step by step to the activation box... It says " process might take upto 5 minutes... ha.. ha.. joke was on me.. I found out after the second try ,and waiting at least a half an hour both times, that it could take "upto" 25 minutes.. when I called Verizon and went through the process the third time , we got to the activation box and it says the 5 minute thing, I said to the guy that I waited at least a half hour before and it seemed to hang up without activation..he says "no it could take up to 20 minutes and we had to wait at least 21 minutes before he could manually activate the modem from his end... Now if the web page would have said it takes that long I would have waited an hour before giving up the first time just to be sure.. but after doing all that a third time and it didn't work he put me on hold for ten minutes and came back to tell me that he called tech and they would manually activate it but "because you (meaning me) made a mistake during initial setup " that I would have to wait until tomorrow for the activation to happen..??? It seems funny to me that I can call microsft and they can run my computer from their office while I watch it happen .. this modem mess can't be that complicated.. But I told the guy they should change that stupid sentence to read "Activation May Take 30 minutes or more" instead of "upto 5 minutes" if Verizon tells the technicians that theyhave to wait 21 minutes to be sure the activation does or doesn't work....