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DSL slowing down immensely in West LA, CA

Every evening from 7 - 11 PM for the last 5 days, my DSL has gone from its normal 7 - 14 Mbps speed down to .5 - 1.0 Mbps.  I have contacted Verizon support multiple times and each time I'm unfortunately treated to the same questions.  No I do not have an electro-magnet sitting on my DSL modem.

I've spoken with a couple of my neighbors and they have experienced the same issues each night.  Unfortunately Verizon's customer support has been less than helpful and at times downright insulting when I tell them that I have checked everything.    I'm tech savvy enough to run throughput tests on multiple devices in my household (ruling out an issue related to an individual PC or ipad), and that this is a problem that has just started in the last week.  Yet they run me through the same shpeal each time and refuse to escalate me to tier 2 support.  The last gentleman I spoke to insisted that the issue was with my browser having too many add-ons (he didn't have me check anything, just declared it for some reason).

It's getting very frustrating.  I'm starting to wonder why I'm paying $40 a month for a 7 - 15 package when I'm getting the $20 package's speed.

Below is a tracert I did to attempt to track down where the issue might be coming from.  The ping-times are uncomfortably high as well, and there were some timeouts, which has me thinking that my area may be over-subscribed. 

Anyone have any suggestions?

Tracing route to [] over a maximum of 30 hops:

 1     3 ms    <1 ms     1 ms  

2   282 ms   285 ms   314 ms  

3   246 ms   280 ms   281 ms [130.81. 33.252]  

4   280 ms   361 ms   291 ms [130.81 .29.246]  

5   338 ms   296 ms   307 ms  0.xe-11-1-0.BR1.LAX15.ALTER.NET []  

6   255 ms   311 ms   281 ms []  

7   290 ms   283 ms   281 ms [ ]  

8   288 ms   204 ms   201 ms [ 5]  

9   226 ms   247 ms   224 ms []

10   323 ms   395 ms   391 ms []  

11   361 ms   294 ms   204 ms []

12   355 ms   336 ms   351 ms []

13     *        *        *     Request timed out.  

14     *        *        *     Request timed out.  

Re: DSL slowing down immensely in West LA, CA
Super User
Super User

Oversubscribed, or there is just an imbalance in loads across different circuits. Many fixes that could go  into it. Since it is an issue not only affecting you but others, this sounds like this exact case, especially if it turns out to be a remote that is offering higher speeds. I can send you some contact details to someone who might be able to check into this problem and perhaps see what the deal is if you'd like. Otherwise, a Verizon employee from this site should also offer some help.