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Different DSL plan then we signed up for? told tough luck

We have been receiving mail almost daily about a Verizon 19.99  price 4 life DSL plan
we even know someone who has it, so we called up and ordered that DSL, plan with
no problem, it was turned on, just a few days ago,

My wife noticed that the contract was for 1 yr, I said the "price 4 life plan" said two years
so we called and as I thought was given a different plan, then was told THAT PLAN was
for new service only, when I said it was a new service, then went on to politely explain we
ordered the price 4 life 2 yr contact plan and want that, we where told their is nothing she
can do, but will ask a Superior then put us on hold and about 20min later we were discounted.

We are stumped and amazed, we have the router and the wrong DSL service plan, and really
do not know what to do next when you cannot get help from a Verizon phone rep, what  other
options do you really have? we will try again later today or tomorrow by phone one last time.

If someone from management at Verizon DSL reads this, please look into this, you know who
the forum members are, we do not want to cancel, but if we do it will be for everything at Verizon,
home phone, dsl and cells.and that's a lot of money per month believe me.

Very upset family,

Re: Different DSL plan then we signed up for? told tough luck
Contributor - Level 3
Hello ebdsl,

We apologize for the frustration. I sent you a private message.


Shamika_Vz Verizon Support

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Re: Different DSL plan then we signed up for? told tough luck
I did try to make contact using the support form link you gave weeks ago still no reply, submitted one more time earlier today, Just curious was it just us, or did anyone else get a different plan then ordered? does the price 4 life plan even exist, I saw the price 4 life Verzon web page, even have the flyer they keep mailing us, in my hand and was told at the time of order this is what we have then when we call we got this is only for new customers, then when we explained we are new, we got something else and the last time we where told he doesn't ebn know about a plane like that Look if you don't want to offer a price 4 life dsl plan just don't advertise it. It would be nice to see the plan we ordered put in our account. I know this is a Verizon business controlled forum, I was hoping when someone read the first post weeks ago, it would just get resolved, for the life of me I don't understand why it hasn't let me ask as clear as possible, does the 19.99 price 4 life plan exist and if so? Does it have restriction not mentioned in advertising?, I have read the flyer we received and Verizon's own web page, plus I personally called and ordered it. don't know what else to say
Re: Different DSL plan then we signed up for? told tough luck

I was promised price for life here in PA & also told by online chat sales that I didn't need confirmation # or key code, but to be assured it would show on my account.  It doesn't appear.   My phone, chat  & e-mail questions get me nowhere. 

Re: Different DSL plan then we signed up for? told tough luck
Enthusiast - Level 2

they did the same to me, for years now.  I signed up for the 14.99 for life, every year it changes and I have to call them, last time they told me they had no way to enter it into the computer, so they gave me the 19.99 plan and knocked $5 off my phone bill.  good luck.  this has happened over 5 years in a row now..