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Enthusiast - Level 1

recently switched to fios and now unable to access a certain site. Receive the error below almost immediately. THe site is up and I can get to it from work and when using VPN to work from home. 

Error 113 (net::ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH): Unknown error.

Not sure if it is a setting on the FIOS router or what.


A Similiar problem has occurred in the past.  The resolution more often than not seems to be the same.  It's had great success in the past, so here is a previous response to the same problem (minus the error message) and it has fixed many other users.

Take a look.

it will self heal.  BUT you should be able to temporarily access it with a proxy. Go to
and u can access it until you get a new ip address.

The best thing for you to do in my opinion is physically power off your router when you got to bed tonight. In the morning when you turn it on you will like get a new ip address and be able to access like normal. If you want to access it faster, then call Verizon at 1-800 VERIZON or reach out to a live chat by hitting Contact Us. When you get a rep ask them to release the ip address for you,  When they do - immediately turn off your modem, and make sure to not turn it on any faster than 4 minutes after they release your IP.  your goal is to get a brand new IP and if you turn it on too fast you may get the same IP address.  

If you can access the site through a proxy (like, then that means that fios is providing you a clear path from point a to b.

So what's blocking you? Most of the time its the site itself blocking or banning the ip address you have. Not to any fault of your own probably. The ip addresses are shared between residential users, so whoever had your ip before you may have reeked havoc on their boards.

Its also possible that its something as simple as an out of date Bogon filter and a new ip would solve that too.

Periodically, VZ places new IP blocks into use. If a site (or ISP) has an outdated bogon filter list, it will drop packets from that IP range (typically /16)... If the problem is an outdated bogon filter, the problem has to be fixed by the site with the outdated list.