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FIOS - ADT claims incompatible with FIOS


FIOS was installed in Feb 2018 after Verizon refused to fix problems with copper phone line/DSL.  I signed up for 100 Mbps internet and phone service, no TV.  The FIOS box was installed outside, next to the phone box.  The FIOS installer brought in two lines, one for power and the other connected to the “Gateway.”   He did not change any phone lines, and I continue to use the copper landlines I’ve always used, but now without DSL filters.  I did not explicitly tell the installer I have an active security system, but since he arrived via the front door, I assume he saw the ADT sign about two feet from where he’d passed, and would adapt his installation if required.

The Brinks/ADT system (panel, keypad and all door and window contacts) were installed when the house was built in 1999.  The panel is hanging on an interior wall in the basement. All worked fine until the FIOS install. Since then, the keypad has been beeping with the error message "CP Trouble" and advising me to call ADT.  The ADT rep stated my “really old” alarm system is incompatible with FIOS and I need to replace the whole system.  I asked if my security system is working, and was told no.   I’ve since tested the system and do not get a signal back from ADT.   It appears I have not had a working security system since FIOS was installed.


Every time I call ADT, the technical rep states FIOS is VOIP -- and VOIP is incompatible with ADT/Brinks.   I countered the ADT system must be working, because I receive error messages on the keypad.  ADT claims they do not push messages to me, instead, testing is programmed into the keypad.   ADT reps then push their “Cellguard" wireless system.  Cost to replace the Brinks keypad $324; monthly fee would increase to $50/mo, and I'd be locked into a new three year contract.   I do not want this.  I've read about the class action lawsuit regarding Cellguard, which ADT lost.  All I want is an ADT technician to hook up the Brinks panel to the FIOS box outside, as was done for a friend who has the identical situation.   ADT hooked up their security panel to the FIOS box for free.   

I've opened the Brinks panel.  Don't see an RJ11 jack, but there is a small black DSL filter labeled "RJ31/38X" DSL Alarm Filter, which is now probably irrelevant.  I have not removed it.   Because the filter connection is wider than RJ11, I can't test for dial-tone.  

The most recent call to ADT was last weekend, which resulted in a long and heated discussion.  I've always paid Brinks/ADT a monthly "surcharge" for service, which the cumulative cost is now over $1,000.    When I requested an ADT technician come to the house and hook up their panel to the FIOS box for free, their rep said I did not qualify for anything free, and blamed me for changing the system.   Then she stated she was turning over my case to a manager and I’d be notified either: (1) what date a technician would come to the house to fix the problem or (2) if my problem is even fixable.  It's now four days later and no one from ADT has contacted me. 



I have had numerous phone calls to Verizon tech support, including asking before FIOS was installed if the system is compatible with security systems (was told yes).  After the install, I was told my keypad (which ADT says needs to be replaced) is irrelevant to the issue at hand.   I’ve also been told what seems to be conflicting information.   One Verizon tech said “some FIOS is VOIP, and some is not.”   I asked her to check.  She said indeed my system is VOIP.   Another technician said I don’t have VOIP.  Instead, all Verizon FIOS is "infrared," not VOIP, and there shouldn’t be an incompatibility issue that can’t be resolved.  At this point, I don’t know what to believe.  In my latest discussion with a Verizon technician, he suggested a meeting at my house attended by techs from both ADT and Verizon.  That seems rather extreme, but I’m willing to entertain the idea if this is what is needed to solve the problem.  

There are numerous  Brinks and ADT signs in the neighborhood, and FIOS has been in this area since 2006.    Please help.

Re: FIOS - ADT claims incompatible with FIOS

Much too long to quote. I have found another thread that may solve or give you some answers. It is here

hope it works out.