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FiOS internet service suddenly crawling
Enthusiast - Level 1

Around noon today my 75/35 turned into a 2/30 connection. I've done everything I know to try. I've power cycled everything in the house. I disconnected EVERYTHING to the Verizon modem/router except for a single computer connected via wire.

I've done about 100 speed tests both on verizon's own tool and the site.

I get nothing. I managed to get it up to 6 at times but it comes and goes.

I called Verizon support and the lady there was absolutely useless. Let me explain why:

1. I already did the power cycle - several times - but she insisted I do it again. Ok fine.

2. I am connected via WIRE direct to the Verizon router and NOTHING else is connected - even the router wireless is disabled. I still only got 2mbps download. She said that Verizon can't guarantee wireless speeds... uh.. huh? Hello... WIRE!

3. I run on a Mac. She INSISTED that I install the Broadband Optimizer on my system.

     a. This is a tool NOT written for newer macs, of which this is one.

     b. If you run this tool, you stand the chance of completely buggering your Mac.

     c. There is NO FREAKING WAY that this tool will "optimize" my system to suddenly go from 2 mbps to 75 mbps.

4. It was working JUST FINE until about noon today (Pacific). I was working along and BAM I suddenly have CRAP for internet. Yet somehow she thinks that my top-of-the-line new Mac suddenly became unoptimized.

Verizon support is a joke. I can't work like this. I have to have stability or I have to go elsewhere. My work is from home online doing web development, which is why I need the fast up/down speeds. If I can't get that, then Verizon is useless to me.

I was considering cancelling my Directv and going to Verizon for tv service but they want to charge me $90 to send someone out nearly a week from now to see if they can fix this crap. We didn't change ANYTHING on our end and suddenly it stops working. Apparently I'm magical and caused the problem.

If anyone from Verizon is moderating these boards who knows **bleep** they are doing AND ACTUALLY CARES to figure this out, perhaps you could help me? Might save a customer....

Re: FiOS internet service suddenly crawling
Customer Service Rep

We haven't heard back from you in a couple days so we're proceeding to close the private support case.  If you still need assistance, feel free to create a new post.


Paul C.