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Fios Network Adapter vs MOCA Ethernet Adapter

Just upgraded to Gigabit at my house and Verizon replaced my older equipment with a new ONT (Nokia G211M-C), Router (CR1000A), and Extender (E3200).  Unfortunately, due to where some of these components needed to be placed, we're now getting inferior wired and wireless coverage around the house compared to our older setup.

I'm hoping to solve this problem with an additional piece of equipment as opposed to getting the house rewired for Ethernet (it's currently coax everywhere). Another E3200 Extender could help in the wifi department, but I'm not jazzed about spending another $200 just to be where I was before with much cheaper routers, and still not enough Ethernet ports to connect my devices.

I found two types of adapters in Verizon's store: the FNA for $55 and the MEA for $100. Both can connect via coax and have four Ethernet ports. (I don't have cable television so i don't need to worry about splitting coax). These wired connections would lessen the sting of decreased wifi.

What I don't understand is the difference between the two adapters. Verizon support said they would both be compatible with Gigabit, but couldn't offer much in way of which would be better. The MEA says it's MOCA 2.5, but has one port at 2.5, and the other three at 1.0. I think it's newer than the FNA, which is MOCA 2.0 but gives no info about the ports. How much do these things matter? Any ideas on what to go with? 

I'd be connecting laptops and UHD tv components to the wired ports, if that helps.

Re: Fios Network Adapter vs MOCA Ethernet Adapter

MEA is one MoCA 2.5 to 2.5GbE and to a 4 port 1GbE switch.

FNA is one bonded MoCA 2.0 to a 5 port 1GbE switch.

For not introducing a bottleneck, I recommend to go with MEA.

Re: Fios Network Adapter vs MOCA Ethernet Adapter

I have been having serious connection issues with the Fios Network Adapter. I have been trying to find out if the MoCA would be a better fit for gaming on the Ps5 and streaming on PC. Have you been able to find anything out? 

I know thos was posted a few months ago but this is the only thing I could find fmwhen I did a search.