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G1100 and FNE ethernet no longer working

I have FIOS internet 200mbps and phone, no cable TV.  

ONT <- ethernet -> G1100 WAN.

ONT <- coax -> splitter which feeds multiple rooms via coax, including to the G1100 LAN coax (in basement), and upstairs ActionTec WCB6200Q Fios network extender, and main level ECB5240M.

The G1100 and FNE provide Wifi throughout the house.

G1100, FNE and ECB5240M provide internet (via ethernet) to multiple laptops, devices.

Everything was working fine for months until I tried connecting a goCoax Moca 2.5 adapter as follows:

- Disconnected Coax from ONT to splitter.

- Disconnected coax from G1100 (so G1100 only receiving ethernet WAN from ONT).

- From G1100: one spare ethernet port into goCoax.

- Connected coax from GoCoax to drive coax splitter throughout the house.

With this configuration, wifi continued to work fine. But not all devices/laptops worked (some did via ethernet, others did not).

I disconnected the goCoax and reconnected the coax as it was before (when everything was working).

But now, wifi still works. But NO ethernet to anything.

Basically, everything that connects via 192.x.x.x works fine, including Wifi.  And I can ping those devices.

But, anything that relies on communicating over ethernet cable doesn't work.

I've logged into the G1100 and checked the settings.

The main network from G1100 is on 192.x.x.x, and acts as the DHCP server.

However, the Broadband connection IPv4 address is set to 173.x.x.x. I can't recall the IPv4 address before the goCoax experiment (or whether it used to be 192.x.x.x like the main network).

Also, I noticed the main network (192.x.x.x.) connection type says "bridge".  Is this correct? 

And, the Broadband Connection (Ethernet/Coax) says Coax Channel: Cable Disconnected, but I've double checked all ethernet and coax connections.

Bottom line - I don't know if the G1100 configuration was changed due to connecting the goCoax.

I tried rebooting the G1100 and the FNE, but I didn't wait 2+ hours (like some forums say), nor did I do a DHCP release on the Broadband connection before the reboot.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated on how to reset or reconfigure so that the ethernet works again.  Thanks!

Re: G1100 and FNE ethernet no longer working

Verizon WCB6200Q is not compatible with MoCA 2.5, therefore goCoax 2.5 and WCB6200Q cannot coexist on the same MoCA network. This is due to a defective Broadcom chip in all WCB6200Q units.

Actiontec WCB6200 with the latest firmware patch works with goCoax 2.5, but may not work with G1100 and ECB5240M.

My suggest would be remove the WCB6200Q from the network and replace with another G1100 (used cost $37 on EBay) set to bridge mode.

Re: G1100 and FNE ethernet no longer working

This is what the G1100 network status shows:


Also, not shown but further below the status says the Broadband Connection coax connection "Cable Disconnected".   Again, not sure if the IPv4 address of the Broadband connection should be 192.x.x.x, similar to the main network (instead of 173.x.x.x).  Thx

Re: G1100 and FNE ethernet no longer working

IP address has nothing to do with MoCA linkage. MoCA is a layer 2 protocol, while Internet Protocol (IP) is a layer 3 protocol.

You can try to take out the WCB6200Q and see if your MoCA network comes back with goCoax2.5