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High Speed Internet (DSL) Extremely Slowness Issue. Pgh. PA

I've seen the other posts on here with similar problems.  I've been having issues since Saturday, 2/2/13.  From my pc's I can do Pings and Tracerts, but anything requiring larger data transfers fail.  If I try to load I'll get the logo and a few buttons, but nothing more.  I can't even load the homepage.  The few times I was actually able to get to a speedtest page and complete a test, the results would come back way below even dialup speed.

I've tried connecting from my Win7 Lenovo laptop, Win7 desktop, Apple iMac, iPod, Android device, Xbox360 and Blu-Ray player.  I've disconnected everything else from my DSL modem, besides the PC and it hasn't help.  I've rebooted the DSL modem which didn't help.  I've reset the DSL Modem and unplugged the phone line and plugged everything back in.  I don't have any phones connected to the phone line because I use Vonage, so I know that it's not a phone line filter issue. I can't call support while at home because if I can get a call out through my Vonage phone it doesn't stay connected long enough to explain the problem and I don't get a cellphone signal at home.  

Last night, I chatted with a Verizon support advisor while connected at the local library.  Naturally they couldn't find anything wrong.  I don't know exactly what was tried by them because, of course, even though I tell them I'm an IT person and understand the technology, they don't convey exactly what they are trying besides Ping.  I explain that I brought a bunch of information from the DSL router, like the logs if that would help, but they don't seem interested.  Of course, the last thing they want me to try is to turn the router off/on and reseat the phone line, again.  Since I have to go home to do that, he tells me that his supervisor will call me in 30 minutes.  Good luck getting through though if my connection won't allow a Vonage call through and I get no signal on my cell.  Naturally doing what he described did nothing.  I was able to get my Vonage phone to work (mostly).  I never got a call from the Supervisor  or if he did call, didn't leave a message to let me know he tried.  So, I called the phone number they gave me to reach the supervisor, and surprise, surprise, the message says that there is only someone answering that line until 9PM!!!!!!!!!  Would have been nice to know that when he gave me the NUMBER!!!  As you can tell, I'm more than a little aggravated about the HOURS of time that I've WASTED!!!  Would have been nice if they would provide some kind of trouble ticket number or something so that IF I call back I can go directly to someone who will know exactly what has already been tried.

Please let me know if there is information that I can provide on here that would allow someone to actually look into my problem and make a difference.

Ken Pajak