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How to Get Verizon to Sell me a Wireless Router
Enthusiast - Level 2

Recently I tried buying a wireless router and setting it up with my Verizon DSL. Disaster. I'm no fool when it comes to computers, and I'm good at using google-fu to figure things out, but it just wasn't happening.

How do I get Verizon to sell me a wireless router that's already configured for Verizon DSL that I can just plug in and have it work? I've looked all over the website and used search like crazy, but I can't find that out. Is there a way to order one short of calling and spending forever on the phone?

Re: How to Get Verizon to Sell me a Wireless Router
Enthusiast - Level 1

If they gave you a 6100G Westell modem, just use it as gateway AND dhcp server which is how it comes out of the box. Turn off the dhcp in your wireless router and change the address to one in your subnet if it is as that's what the 6100G is default set for.. Connect the router to the modem on a LAN port, not the WAN port. The wireless router will remain your access point. This worked for me and is IMHO, the easiest way to set Verizon up. It  also makes any calls to Verizon tech support easier because it eliminates a lot of the things that THEY get confused about. Then you can focus on programming the 6100G which they know backwards and forwards. That may or may not be the case for your router.

Good Luck!!

Re: How to Get Verizon to Sell me a Wireless Router
Enthusiast - Level 3

Err... either I am reading wrong or the other poster is.. 

So you have a router already? Look, as a heads up, please DO NOT buy a wireless router from them. Their range is absolutely terrible, go buy a Linksys or whatever, ANYTHING is better than Actiontec, trust me. If you already have a wired only router, connect it to the wireless router you buy, and set the wireless router's IP address to

Works great for me.

Re: How to Get Verizon to Sell me a Wireless Router
Contributor - Level 2

Verizon supplies new DSL customers with a wireless DSL router as part of the start up kit.  If they gave you a wireless DSL router, you don't need anything else.  You just need to set it up correctly.  Get it working, then take the one you bought back to the store.

If you signed up with Verizon some time ago, maybe they sent you a DSL router that won't do wireless.  If that turns out to be the case,  see if they won't exchange the DSL router they supplied you with for a wireless DSL router.  They might charge you an extra $2.00 per month fee to get this gear.  That beats paying $40 for a router, at least in the short run.