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I received Westell 6100G Modem for DSL when Tech said I need the upgrade, but NO guide or CD! HELP!
Enthusiast - Level 2

Westell 6100G Modem

The Westell 6100G Modem for DSL came in 2 days, but came in box with NO guide or directions.  The Patch cable is labeled on one end for connection to Westell modem and other end has a USB and Patch cable connection.  I plug them in and it starts going through a long setup process and asks for you to buy all their services except you get MSN and VZ In-Home Agent, which after wasting 1 hour trying to get it to figure out my problem, says" some items refer to FIOS ONLY"  No, the whole program is for FIOS.  So then I'm sitting there ticked because I can't access the internet to find out how to fix my connection, after I tried everything I know except one, and that was to pull power for 30 seconds.  I plugged it back in & rebooted my laptop without any directions and now it works, but to my surprise, Verizon sent me a product that does not have a Users Guide. 

I am not a Happy customer & I am not about to call support unless absolutely necessary, cause I'll get 1 of the 80% of phone support who do not speak clear ENGLISH. 

Now I have a Found new hardware box pop up that says - RNDIS/Ethernet Gadget, of which it can't find and then I thought that the usb would be for me to get that from the DSL Modem. Nope, no drive letter & I DID NOT GET A CD!!!

To think that I wanted FIOS, you can forget about that!

Re: I received Westell 6100G Modem for DSL when Tech said I need the upgrade, but NO guide or CD! HE

that's too bad, you should have gotten a CD, that would have made life easier for you. 

Need to find out how far you've gotten in the installation process. 

So you have two networks that you're worrying about

one is the internet

and one is your PC's

The internet one is easy to find out,  look at your modem lights.

  • Is the DSL light Flashing
  • Is the Internet light on/off/flashing greed/red?

Your home network is reasonably easy to figure out too

So open a Command window  (start > run > cmd and hit enter)  

Once you get the black window - type in IPCONFIG

Do you have an IP Address and what is it?   a 169.x.x.x is bad, a 192.x.x.x is good

If you have a 192.x.x.x address, AND you're internet light is flickering green, and your DSL light is solid, then use the following links and let us know your results. 

Re: I received Westell 6100G Modem for DSL when Tech said I need the upgrade, but NO guide or CD! HE
Enthusiast - Level 2

Mine came in the box too with NO cd/manual. However, I DID call Verizon Tech.. support @ 11:30pm on a week day and he walked me through the process of setting up the Westell 6100G modem. I think you should (if not already) call them, it easy to set-up, BUT you'll have to wait for a while to get a Tech. to help. ..................... I have a Mac though, if that helps, so it was easy to set-up. Good luck!!!!    Man Happy