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If your internet is being capped read this

I see post after post just like mine of people getting capped or having poor performance. I see all the posts getting escalated as mine did but I am wondering if customers were ever satisfied...I'm not sure if all the areas are being bought out by Frontier but maybe that's the reason Verizon seems to be falling apart. They just don't care....

I am having a real hard time understanding the process here at Verizon. I have been told my line is capped at 3m because I am over 10,000 feet (11,638 to be exact) so engineering said that I am out of luck. My problem is that there is a person that is getting 7.2m that is a mile away from me (further from the central office) on the same cable loop as me. I verified this speed a few nights ago. I have been working as a sub for Verizon for over 10 years and I am in the central office on a regular basis so I am not a complete idiot. A test was ran on my line by my Brother in law who does installs and troubleshooting for Verizon. He said my line has a potential of 10m and 5-7m would be easy to achieve due to the larger gauge cable in this run. I am being told on the forums that it is not possible due to the distance. I have the tests that show it is possible and not only possible but there is a customer right now proving it. It is not a congestion issue ether because hardly anyone is on this msan. The equipment is brand new. Everyone was disqualified awhile back because Verizons old equipment finally failed.

You know how they ended up getting the new TA-5000 installed in the central office? Because a famous author lives up here and he wrote a nasty letter to someone higher up and a few weeks after, bam.... new fast dsl. I don't write books but you would think that being a customer and an employee for over 10 years I would at least have been told a better reason.

This is directly from Verizons site "Most will qualify at 1.1–3 Mbps speed tier. The 3.1–7 Mbps and 7.1–15 Mbps service tier ranges are available in select locations only."

Why is my location not a "select location" and the person a mile further away is? Is my house not as nice? Maybe that guy is writing a book...


Re: If your internet is being capped read this
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