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Intermittent connection, and no help from Verizon
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First let me post my stats

Transceiver Statistics Transceiver Revision A2pB020b3.d20h Vendor ID Code 4D54 Line Mode ADSL_G.dmt Data Path INTERLEAVED   Transceiver Information Down Stream Path Up Stream Path DSL Speed (Kbits/Sec) 1504 544 Margin (dB) 9.3 10.0 Line Attenuation (dB) 44.0 25.0 Transmit Power (dBm) 19.1 12.2

My speeds right now 

1504/544 (down/up)

I have been using Verizon High Speed Internet DSL since the end of 2007. This isn't the first time I've had problems with it, but this is the first time I've had problems with it that are this major and seems like they will never be fixed.

For what I've counted as 5 weeks, and about 4 days,  I have been getting a bad connection. Drops for hours, which powering the modem off and on again don't fix. My speed are all over the place, and for a 3mb connection the highest I'm getting is about 2112/864 up/down, and if it goes any higher it's almost assured to drop, but it averages at the  2112/864.

I've have to had called Verizon about 15 times ove these past few weeks to try and get this resolved. Countless tickets that never got answered because on your side you find no problems.

I'm going to give a bare explanation of what's going on. When my connection drops, over my phone I get static noise as if I was on an old dail up connection, the phone works fine but the internet drops, the DSL doesn't sync, and the internet light is does not come on at all. When I disconnect the modem I the noise over the phones stops. 

The modem/router that I've been using since 2007 is an Westell 327w, and every computer and device in my home is connecting to it wirelessly. The devices include, 2 Apple TV's, a PS3, a Wii, and an Xbox 360. The only ones that are connected right now are the PS3, and the 2 PCs(both desktops) connected to the 327w by USB adapters, the ones that look like flash drives. One was provided by Verizon, and it's a Zyxel adapter, the other one on my second desktop is a Belkin not provided by Verizon. 

Now I'm going to explain my experience with technicians. The first technician that was sent out, came to my house and she unplugged the phone wire from the 327w, and put it in the portable thing that all Verizon techs have to check connections, she said I was getting my full 3mb, then she pulled something up on one of my desktops and said that yes, i was getting my full 3mb. She then left, didn't check my NID. She asked me did I have filters on my phone line( I I have two jacks, one is hosting my modem/router the other is host to a my cordless phone). I did not have a filter on because back in 2008 when I was also having problems which took both my phone and DSL down, the tech that came to fix that put a splitter on my NID, so I didn't need one on my phone jack. She left and there was no solution, same problems.

So I called again, and this time a very helpful technician over the phone had a remote session with me while my internet was up for the short period of time, he seemed to have fixed it, after running at test and tinkering around with the router settings, he was also going to send out a technician, but then he called me back and said that they found issues with my modem(the 327w) and was going to send out a new one so there was no need for a tech. I got the modem about two weeks ago. This time it's the Westell 7500 made in China, and I've been having the same connection problems. Drops for hours and noise on my phone when these drops occur. So I callde again, this time listening to someone from they told me to called Voice repair instead of HSI repair, because there was noise on the line stopping my service from syncing . Which I did from my cell phone so they could run an MLT on my home phone. The person over the phone ran the MLT and said there was a problem on the outside lines, so they sent a tech which I didn't have to be home for because they would just have to work on my lines outside. I'm not even sure if this tech really came to my house at all. But this technician supposedly came out between 8:00am and 7:00pm on the past Tuesday, the 17th or May 2011. 

I have also connected my modem/router to the NID through the test jack on the customer access side and that didn't work. 

There is still no resolve, and actually the problem has gotten worse. 

Also other details, while I was watching a movie on Netflix through my Apple TV, I was surfing YouTube and while the YouTube video was loading the movie on the Apple TV would pausing and buffer. When I stopped the video from loading on YouTube  the movie started again. I did this about 3 times and noticed the correlation.

Re: Intermittent connection, and no help from Verizon
Super User
Super User

Sounds like all of the troubleshooting regarding your home's wiring has been done. The noise on the phone line says what the problem is, and we should address the issues with voice FIRST before we start dealing with the DSL. Generally, once the phone is solved, the DSL will follow along.

Since you're receiving noise on the line, especially when the DSL is online you need to give Verizon a call during the time of the static from another line. Use a cell phone or a neighbor's line. When prompted, enter in your phone number and then navigate to Technical Support to the Telephone Repair section. When the agent comes on, tell them you are receiving Intermittent Static. They should proceed to perform a test called the MLT test, which will check your copper loop for any problems that may be developing such as shorts or unusual resistency (which can cause issues with DSL and phone). If the test picks up a problem, the agent should immediately be able to write up a trouble ticket with the details of the test for a technician to repair it. Just be aware, do NOT answer the phone or use your phone line while the test is ran. Stick to the alternate phone you are dialing support from. It requires the copper loop to be idle. DSL can be kept on with no problems. While in the call and when the tech visits (if they need to stop down), do NOT mention the DSL. Let them do the task of repairing the phone line. Once the problem is solved, you should see the DSL line stabalize, and if the statistics improve enough, the speed return and increase past the highest levels you've seen in a few days.

Your line should be short enough to have 3Mbps running on it. Just need to get the loop repaired 🙂

Re: Intermittent connection, and no help from Verizon

I have the same problem.

It seems DSL is the most overlooked service in Verizon. may be an attempt to switch users to FIOS. I too have raised many tickets, but never got the intermittant connections resolved. I get connected for 5 minutes and them modem resets and connects me after atleast 10 minutes. During bad weather and weekends the dropped connections are 10 times more.

It seems this is the standard QoS for DSL by verizon.

Verizon CEO should understand that service for cheap does not mean cheap service.

Re: Intermittent connection, and no help from Verizon
Enthusiast - Level 2

My DSL has degraded to such a point that I will not use it.  I am converting all of my email to several gmail accounts and canceling my service.  Ho Hum no concerns from Verizon or India.  So much for being a loyal customer.  They sent me a new modem but the connection is so slow that it cannot even complete the set-up.  I have spent hours on the phone with them - no follow-up,  

Frankly I am sick of going over the same information with these people.

I will not even consider FIOS as it is another lost lead to perpetuate the HORRIBLE customer service.

Good bye.