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Internet Speed --Should be 25mbps/25mbps
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I have a question, I had FIOS Internet installed Tuesday.  My bundle is for the 25mbps speed.  When I did the speed test and the FIOS technician over the phone did the check we are only getting between 11-13mpbs.  The installer did not even check the speed before he left, he thought well the Internet is working fast then it should be okay.  I was told that the wireless loses speed, etc and I should be getting at least 80% of the speed I purchased.  Well I told the tech support that 80% of 25mpbs is not 11-13mpbs.  The tech tweaked the router, i.e.. change channel etc, without any success.  Any recommendations?  When I had Cox Communications via wireless at least I was getting between 19-21mbps via wireless.  I do know that if I go wired to the cable I probably will be getting the 25mpbs but that is not an option that I agreed with them. 

Re: Internet Speed --Should be 25mbps/25mbps
Super User
Super User

Speed tests must be done connected directly to the router via an ethernet cable.   Do your test that way first and see what your are receiving.   Local conditions, including the channel, can affect wireless speeds and it's not a true measure of what speed is getting to the router.

Second, where are you testing your speed against?

If you're testing against any of a number of public "speed test" sites, you need to be aware that depending on the site, several of them lately have been reporting artificially low speed ratings -- due to speed caps on the remote end, not Verizon -- you need to test against several sites to see how the performance varies.  For instance, the site which is commonly chosen by default for me at always maxes out at 10mb down.   Switch to a site in a different city gives me rates above 30mbs.   On the verizon network itself to their test sites (which eliminate all the factors associated with the internet which are out of their control), my 35/35 frequently tests out at 42/37.

Once you have a good speed test from the router on a hardwired connection, if it's not up to speed, it could be a provisioning error which verizon would have to check in the central office (it's nothing to do with the ONT itself).   If it is up to speed, then the issue is with the connection between the router and your PC -- frequently this is because you end up binding (or have a device bind) as a  802.11b device which slows everything down to 11mbs max. -- even 802.11g capable devices.  You can disable "B" support on the router at the cost of not allowing older devices to potentially connect which may provide some relief here.  

Re: Internet Speed --Should be 25mbps/25mbps

Many wiresless users (no matter what provider or router you have) can benifit from changing the wireless channels on the router to get better speeds and also to stabalize their wireless connections so try to change the wireless signal.  you can do that in the router.   open a browser, and go to,  user name is admin.  and the password is most likely the serial number found on the service tag of your VZ router unless you changed it.

Once you login succesfully, go to the top and hit wireless, then on the left basic security.   then go to option 3 which is channel

1, 6 and 11 and are the only channels you should try.

So it will likely be set to auto, change it to 11 and put the check for keep settings even after reboot (Directly under the channel) and then hit apply.,

after you hit apply,  test your connection out, if you notice a difference, leave it like that until the problem happens again, and if it happens again, go back into the router, and try channel 6,     test it out.  and then finally 1 if the first two don't work.

Also take a look at page 2 of Actiontec's Wireless PDF File.  It gives you some idea's with regards to position and orientation of where the router sits and how it can best be positioned for maximum coverage.

Re: Internet Speed --Should be 25mbps/25mbps

If the channels don't work then take a look at these articles from Microsoft and Actiontec

Verizon also provides an Optimization tool, if the installer did not optimize the PC for you, then you can do so at the following link.