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Internet interruption with inbound or outbound phone calls

I upgraded my dsl package on 8/14 to the 7.1-15mb.  Since this upgrade anytime my phone rings or I make a call, it interrupts my internet connection.  I did not have this issue prior to the upgrade.  I reported this issue last week and was sent new filters which I just finished putting on my phones.  So we know it's not the filters and none are placed backwards.  I play Everquest II and while the internet interruption is like a spike in packet loss (187 according to the game) it's enough to cause the came to crash.  This was not happening prior to the upgrade.  I'm wondering if the fact that when I upgraded my DSL, I had to upgrade my phone service to include call waiting, caller ID, wifi, and call blocking... are those extra services on the phone line causing the internet connectioin to be so sensitive that it interrupts?

My OS is Windows 7, the modem from Verizon is a GT704WGB (which is about 3yrs old now) and I only have one jack with 2 phones.

After putting the new filters on, I sat down and logged into EQ2, as soon as my characters came up in game, I picked up the phone (did not even dial out) and the game crashed.

I'm not a very technical person when it comes to modems and connections, but for the life of me I do not understand when everything was working just fine before the upgrade, now all of sudden doesn't work.

Is there some type of switch at the office or hub that could be causing this issue?  I know I had to have a tech come out to check my line and he had to go to the 'office' and flip a jumper or something because when the service was upgraded, I ended up with DSL connection but could not connect to the internet at all.  Could this be a residual of that problem?  Should I schedule for a technician to come out to my home once again?

Re: Internet interruption with inbound or outbound phone calls
Master - Level 3

Glad to hear that everything is working as it should. It was our pleasure to help out and get this taken care of for you. Please make a post anytime you need help.

Re: Internet interruption with inbound or outbound phone calls
Super User
Super User

What do your line statistics (Transceiver Statistics) look like? If it's running marginal enough any pickup of the phone can cause your connection to error out for a brief moment, causing latency that you're seeing. Otherwise it's often the result of some device on the line injecting noise in the line that didn't bother the line at a lower speed or some sort of circuit issue elsewhere.