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Internet websites don't work?!?


Hopefully someone here can help with this.

My parents old pc took a power hit from the Oct power outage so I finally got them to buy a new PC last weekend.

It's brand new and I spend the day at my home configuring it for them

Windows 7 / 64bit 

Works like a champ here connected to comcast.  Nice and fast. 

Brought it to their house and connected to their DSL (Westell modem) and the home page comes up really fast (like almost too fast)  now the issue - trying to enter or use any of the favorites I made for them and it just stays on google and the lower left says "waiting for webpage" and basically clocks there (mouse is hourglass).

I've been a PC tech for years and checked all the typical things.  Flushed the DNS, checked the IP settings .. thought maybe the new PC giganet card (on auto) was the issue so I brought it down to 10 and 100 speeds - no luck.  I used full duplux so I'm going to try half tomorrow.  I swapped the network cable thinking maybe it got fried.  Is there a way to swap the Westell modem?

PING tests to websites are fine,  email works fine on the PC so I know the internet connection is there.  The main page (Google) you can browse around to other sections of it. Just can't go anywhere else.  It's the weirdest thing.

I brought over a spare laptop and connected it and it works fine (windows 7 x86).  So its somehting with the new PC.  I read an old post about needing the enter the DNS for Verizon .. is that proper?  Everything is on auto at the moment.

Any insight would be helpful.

Re: Internet websites don't work?!?
Super User
Super User

You really shouldn't have to make any changes to the PC (Messing with the Network Adapter or DNS servers) to make things work. You can try defining your own DNS Servers in the Network Settings to see if that solves it, and I suggest using and as the DNS servers. Otherwise, some people have found that for such a problem, getting the modem replaced seemed to have solved the problem. This might not be an issue if the PC is behind a router, though and the modem is bridged.

As far as modem replacements go, just ask Verizon to send out a new one. It's strange how PCs have trouble with the older modems, as I'm using one here (Bridged Westell 6100 that's 5 years old) without an issue with new PCs and old alike.

Re: Internet websites don't work?!?
Enthusiast - Level 2

The internet pages that Are coming up too fast are stored in the Cash. if you have an hour glass saying it is trying to connect and then displays cannot connect then your internet is down. try to click on start then type : cmd then ping if it times out in all 4 packets that means that you have to call verizon support so to help you check your internet. also try to power cycle the modem/router before you do that....