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Re: Kohler Electric Generator Oncue issues

Just out of curiosity, has the following been attempted to see if one of these helps with keeping the Generator on the network?

  • Assigning a Static IP / Using DHCP Reservation to reserve an IP for the Generator
  • Checking to see if for some reason, the generator's control unit is entering a funny power save mode due to a lack of communication, that isn't caused by connectivity to another router (Eg: the Comcast Gateway as pointed out above).

I didn't catch anything in this thread about whether the Generator was connected Wired or Wirelessly. Just to note some things, I've found with home automation appliances and also printers of all things, tend to cooperate on a Wired connection a lot better than they do on Wireless. Lots of software bugs I'm sure are to blame.

Second, here at home I use a Wi-FI connected thermostat. In the documentation, it is pointed out that the thermostat may not behave correctly if it does not have a Common Wire attached. Even though the unit will recharge it's battery and run off of the power supplied from the HVAC unit. If you don't connect a C Wire, the thermostat will still use Wi-Fi, but it will enter aggressive power saving modes to converse power. These aggressive power savings can cause the radio to only transmit periodically each second to maintain a session, but can cause the thermostat to respond to a ping in about 500ms. Additionally, the thermostat will POWER DOWN it's radio from time to time, especially as power runs low, and will connect to the network periodically to synchronize with a server on the Internet for weather data, temp data, and so on. WIth a C wire, the thermostat will keep the radio powered constantly and will not enter a power saving mode.

Third, the reason why I suggested a Static IP here, is in case the Generator happens to be doing something funny where it is releasing it's IP address due to a power saving setting, OR because the unit is having problems with IP address Conflicts, or in the case of the thermostat I use here at home, software bugs cause the thermostat to fail to renew it's IP address with DHCP. A Static IP can ensure no other device gets the IP that is otherwise being used by the generator, and overall makes troubleshooting a whole lot easier.

Just some food for thought.

EDIT: Glad to see the Static IP part was attempted. Good move. I'd keep it on Static/DHCP reservation for the sake of troubleshooting.

Re: Kohler Electric Generator Oncue issues

I am a Kohler Certified Maintenance Technician, and have seen this problem before.

Here is the official solution, as detailed in the manual:  

1.6 Internet Configuration and
Security (Firewalls)
When using the OnCue PC application from a remote location behind a firewall, it may be necessary to configure the firewall to open port 808. 
The firewall may prompt you to allow OnCue to use port 808.   Contact your network administrator for assistance, if necessary.
When the generator set is connected to an intranet network behind a firewall, for example in a commercial or industrial setting, it may be necessary to configure the firewall to open port 5253 to permit an outbound connection. 
Contact your network administrator for assistance if necessary.
You can download the full manual for OnCue here:
The manual is saved on the top right side of the page.
Re: Kohler Electric Generator Oncue issues

I left out some important instructions on how to enable port forwarding.

Here is a link to the NetGear page that details how to enable port forwarding.  

If this link ever becomes disabled, just search "Port Forwarding" and the make / model of your router.  You can find the model of your router on a sticker on the bottom of the device.

Good Luck Everyone!

Re: Kohler Electric Generator Oncue issues
Enthusiast - Level 2

I am working with a Kohler tech now to get oncue to even add the genset. He worked with the company and they were able to get in and remotely start it, so I know the connection is working... but the password generated by the machine is not recognized when I log in via the consumer side. could this still be a port issue? The IP address is issued, and server communicates...

Koehler Electric Generator Oncue issues - Started working!

On a whim tonight, I started Oncue.  In 2 years, it has never worked for me.  It did tonight!  I have changed nothing with the router and have not upgraded OnCue (not even sure there is an Oncue upgrade).  The only thing that has remotely changed with my network is that I installed a couple of Samsung Smart TVs, which have internet connectivity.  Not sure if they somehow changed some setting in the router.  All I know is Oncue is working.  I keep restarting Oncue to see if I am dreaming.  I am not.  It is working and I am psyched!.  I just hope it keeps working.  My guess is that some FIOS firmware upgrade got downloaded and that made the difference but not sure.  This stuff is total black box to me.  There are so many variables, so who knows.

I have the Actiontec MI424WR-GEN3I router firmware version

Would be interested to learn if others now try again and have the same luck.

Re: Kohler Electric Generator Oncue issues

I just started having this issue when I upgrade my FIOS to 150/150 from 100/100.  I had to switch to the Quantum Router and get my internet via ethernet vs coax.  Has ANYONE resolved this yet?