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May I share my complete & utter dis-satisfaction with Verizon Customer Service!!!!!!

Sit back, cause this is a long tale, a tale of misery and frustration by a long-standing customer...

I am a subscriber to Verizon's DSL service for my internet access and wi-fi in the house. Monday evening, I get home after a really long and frustrating week and just want to check email. The laptop is not connecting to the internet however, so I check my other devices. No luck. I then go check my desktop pc and notice that the router light is blinking, so I do the ole unplug, and wait thing. Do that a couple of times. Still no luck.

After a while of figuring out what number to call for customer service, I go through the Voice prompt system (and start over due to 2 dropped calls - thanks Verizon Wireless). Finally get an agent who I can barely understand. Long story short, 90 minutes later, he tells me he needs to send a technician to my house and the soonest he can do it is thursday between 8 and noon. I request evening hours or weekend because I don't want to take time away from work and be totally unproductive because I have no internet connection. He says he can't do that, but I can call the dispatcher (huh???). He gives me a number, and I call...after 40 minutes of being on hold, I hang up (I only stayed that long just to see how ridiculous it would get, but finally gave up).

The next morning, I unplug and re-plug. Lo and behold it's working again. So, wanted to do the courteous thing and cancel the appointment. Tried calling again, thinking that during business hours it would be easier to get through. Nope, another 20 minutes of being on hold til I hung up.

So, thought I'd go to the site and try to contact someone that way. OMG, trying to find a way to contact is just crazy, so finally resorted to the live chat. Well, then I get through all the questions, etc, just to say I want to cancel my appointment. He tells me that the technician will call and just let them know then. Really, a global service can't do better than that. Oh well.

So, today, I get the call, but of course I'm tied up, so can't answer. I check voice mail, it's an automated call telling me that they are still scheduled to come tomorrow morning and if I need to call or cancel, I was told to call 1-800-VERIZON.  I roll my eyes, call the number. After 6 minutes of being on hold, the agent picks up and of course has to know my number, my name, my address...probably would have requested my birthplace, what I had for dinner, my favorite book, if I hadn't stopped him and told him I JUST WANTED TO CANCEL AN APPOINTMENT. 

Guess what he told me...yep, he can't do it, I need to call that original number I'd already tried. Wow, is this totally f'ed up!!!!  So, thought, just for grins, I'll call it...and of course I get the hold message, gave up after 6 minutes and was ready to wash my hands of the whole situation. Let the technician waste his time...I did all I could.

By now, though, I just had to vent, so thought I'd look on the website for some kind of way to contact someone. Nope, nothing, so thought Okay, I'll add a message to the Forum and hope that someone with some kind of authority will read this. I sign up and wait (almost 5 minutes) for my automated email. I enter the code to verify and of course it doesn't work. I get an error message that says "Error in Activating : update the eCRM details to SSO db". Wow, of course, that makes sense to me as a consumer. I tried again and finally got in here to tell my sad tale of woe.

Verizon, are YOU reading this? Are YOU listening??? Do YOU care? This was a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE experience, and I've already shared the tale with more than a dozen co-workers this afternoon in a meeting.

Re: May I share my complete & utter dis-satisfaction with Verizon Customer Service!!!!!!
Master - Level 3

I am sorry to hear about the troubles you had regarding this appointment. If you have any questions or need assistance in the future, please make a post here so we can be of assistance.