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My DL and UL speed so slow! What is it supposed to be?

It takes me over 4 hrs to download a single 700mb movie, This is crazy! When my mother lived 2 houses down I used her wifif and it took me 20 minutes TOPS.

 My best speed I ever got was  a download speed of 1.05 Mbps and my upload speed of 0.29 Mbps

Keep in mind this was the BEST speed I got and I tried over 50 times today. I usually don't even get a 1 in download speed and my upload speed 99% of the time is 0.20Mbps

I just don't know what I'm paying for? This is the reason why I never pay my bill in full because I feel like I'm getting ripped off. I could of sworn I was promised a 2.00 Mbps speed but I don't even come close to that.

I have regular Verion DSL (FIOS not available in my area)

Should I just dump Veriozn with this kind of speed? I heard Comcast maybe buying Charter Cable and that's my only other option. I can't get Charter Internet right now because I'm fighting them..It's a boring story it's basically someone lived in my apartment 8 years ago or even more and they had the same last name of me so Charter won;t give me service until I pay this persons bill and I'm not paying someones bill i don't even know..

So anyways is this kind of speed normal? Is this what people pay for? It seems kind of lame to pay this much for this kind of speed honeslty. I bet this speed is not far off from the old AOL dial up speed!

Re: My DL and UL speed so slow! What is it supposed to be?
Super User
Super User

Please check MyVerizon or your bill for the name of the package you pay for, and report back. Verizon has two plans for DSL: High Speed Internet and High Speed Internet Enhanced. The first package offers speeds reaching a maximum of 1Mbps down, 384kbps up. The second package is supposed to offer anything with a maximum of 15Mbps down, 1Mbps up.

In addition, please report what DSL modem/gateway you are currently using, along with what router you have in use. I'd like to pull your modem's Transceiver Statistics so we can get an idea of how good the line is.

Given that ADSL is a technology that is slowly becoming the new dial-up, it's no surprise you're asking the question about how fast it is supposed to be. Generally, I moan and complain about anything less than 5Mbps when working on someone's computer. If the FCC has their way, "Broadband" may soon be defined as 24Mbps, something ADSL2+ really cannot deliver. The only thing capable of those speeds over a single line are VDSL/VDSL2, Fiber, and Coaxial/DOCSIS service. VDSL/VDSL2 is extremely distance limited - typically past 5,000ft out, it's useless for very fast speeds and ADSL2 makes more sense.